Hello There!

instagram collage from instush

Hello friends. It’s been a while. No, I’m not really back. I never said goodbye all those months ago when I suddenly stopped blogging, but I never really intended to stop, or at least I didn’t intend to stop for so long. So I wanted to say “hi”.

Life has been busy. Very busy. There has been lots of work and many weekends spent in front of the computer. Its been simultaneous fun manic, and exhausting. Whatever energy I have left over goes towards enjoying time with my family and maybe a manicure, and so my fashion blog went by the wayside. I don’t know if I will start up again, but I will continue to maintain the website and the posts that I spent so many happy hours creating.

If you’d like to know what I’m up to I am still active on some of my favorite social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. I also blog on my Portfolio website. You can follow my thoughts on design and creativity via bloglovin.

Hope to see you around the web!


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Is Environ the Best Skin Care Line Ever?

Environ C-Quence Creme

I think I found the perfect moisturizer. For years I have searched for a facial lotion that is moisturizing without being greasy, lightweight without being insubstantial, that included vitamins and antioxidants but that didn’t include any perfumes, that could be worn alone or under makeup, and most importantly made my skin look it’s best.  I found it in Environ’s line of skin care products.

If the name Environ sounds familiar it might be because I wrote about the line a few months ago in the post “Environ Skin Care: A Mini Review”.  I reviewed a lightweight moisturizing serum and a delicate, scented hand lotion. I liked both products, but pined to try a few more. My wish was granted and I received the C-Quence Creme to try. A few weeks ago I also received two more products from Environ’s AVST and Intensive collections. I’d like you  to know that although I didn’t pay for any of these products I think they’re fabulous, otherwise I wouldn’t write about them. Continue Reading →

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Lost in the Garden

Rolling Greens Garden Center
I’ve gone and gotten lost in the garden. The weather has been beautiful and the outside calls me. Sometimes it seems like I’ll never get back to blogging. It’s not just my sudden obsession with plants, for some reason my WordPress post editing page has gone crazy. I used to be able to write in English, now it seems I need to write in code. I have no idea how to fix the bug, so until I figure out what to do I will leave you with some photos of an inspirational store I recently discovered. It’s called “Rolling Greens” and it’s a combination gardening center, gift boutique and home decoration emporium. Enjoy. Continue Reading →

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Three Brands of BB Cream to Try

The Best BB Cream: The Style Confessions

When the BB Cream beauty trend hit a couple years ago I was intrigued. It sounded like tinted moisturizer, one of my all time favorite beauty products, and I’d been trying to find a good tinted moisturizer at the drug store, unsuccessfully, for years. Maybe the BB creams that were hitting the mass market would be the perfect thing for me? I heard that “Beauty Balm” was thicker than tinted moisturizer, and had multiple skin benefits like integrated SPF and antioxidants. Eventually I invested in a tube of Too Faced BB Cream and loved it so much it played a staring roll in this post about my favorite makeup. But then I became fascinated with the original Asian versions of BB cream.  The more raves I read about “the real thing” the more I had to try it. Los Angeles has a large Korean-American community and I knew there were a lot of Asian beauty supply stores nearby, so I went out for a day of exploration.  After visiting more than four different beauty boutiques and two shopping malls, I found it what I’d been searching for an it was love at first try. The Asian beauty balm by Missha refueled my earlier obsessed and I started testing more of what the American market had to offer. Here are three I really like. One I found at an Korean beauty supply store, one you can find at your local department store beauty counter, and one is from the drugstore.

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New year, new panties

PantiesIf you don’t do it, you should. With all the focus we pay to collecting wonderful shoes, beautiful purses and the perfect jeans we often forget about the items that go underneath it all. Updating the underwear drawer is a yearly essential, and although one can spend a lot of money on such things, inexpensive alternatives are available. So why not get rid of your old, yucky, panties (I don’t need to go into more visual descriptions do I?) and buy some pretty new ones to go under all your fabulous outfits? I promise you’ll feel prettier and more feminine immediately.  Continue Reading →

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