Fun fashion posts for your weekend reading enjoyment

If you like reading about fashion the “Independent Fashion Bloggers” website offers a weekly review of the best posts of the week.  Here it is once again and I think this week is especially good.  Enjoy!

Be Authentically You!

Edited by: Fajr of Stylish Thought

The IFB conference is over and the dust is finally settling. After a day of being immersed in the power and study of blogging, I’m left thinking about what I learned from IFB this season. Without a doubt, the unequivocal theme was to blog and be authentically you. From building your blogging tool kit to balancing it all, being unique and putting what you love into the blogging space is the best method to lasting blogging success.

The IFB Weekly Roundup: LINKS À LA MODE: September 8th

Hope you’re having a fashionable weekend.



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