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The Best Sunscreen for the Face (from the drugstore!)

Yes to Carrots daily facial moisturizer

Sunscreen, sunblock, face lotion with SPF, whatever you might call it, this is a necessary part of EVERY woman’s daily routine. Every morning I wash my face, brush my teeth and smooth on a big dollop of sunscreen all over my face. I try to remember to put it on my hands too, but the face is obligatory. I don’t leave home without it. Continue Reading →

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My Favorite Revlon Lipstick Colors

LipsMaybe it’s the wall of colors, 82 in all, that attracts me, or maybe it’s the classic black and gold tube. Maybe it’s the old-fashioned names that tickle my fancy. Whatever the reason Revlon makes my favorite drugstore lipstick. I don’t think another brand manufactures so many colors, and within their vast selection are several shades that look really good on me. Here are my favorite Revlon lipstick colors.
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Ravishing Red Lipsticks (from the Drugstore!)

Red lips suggest all sorts of sexy things and always have. Women have been staining their mouths red for centuries, maybe longer. These days we have lipsticks, chubby lip crayons, long-lasting gels and lip glosses to help create that red pout we find so appealing.  Last year I published a post on my favorite red lipsticks from the drugstore.  Since then one of the colors I reviewed has been discontinued and I’ve found more colors I like so I thought it would be fun to create another post on the subject. Continue Reading →

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The Best Makeup Foundation (from the drugstore!)

Drugstore makeup foundation

There was a time when I would’t have considered putting a drugstore brand foundation on my face. It didn’t matter how broke I was, I never, ever, skimped on foundation. In fact I would have much rather gone without that layer of flaw-softening color rather than put on something that might look fake, orange or ugly. Oh my how times have changed. I can afford department store makeup again, but why pay those prices when the stuff at the drugstore is so lovely? These formulas are outstanding. Each one is slightly different and I use them all for different moments and reasons. One has a light texture but provides medium-weight coverage, one is very sheer, one is just right for travel, and one is perfect for any occasion. Continue Reading →

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Glittery Holiday Makeup (From the Drugstore!)


I love a bit of sparkle in the dark months of winter. This time of year the combination of sparkly gold eyeshadow and dark red lipstick seems very appropriate. Although I love the festive makeup at department stores, it gives me great joy to create a luxe look on a budget. So I searched the drugstore for beautiful holiday makeup and found it at a fraction of the cost of high-end brands.  Continue Reading →

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