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My Favorite Revlon Lipstick Colors

LipsMaybe it’s the wall of colors, 82 in all, that attracts me, or maybe it’s the classic black and gold tube. Maybe it’s the old-fashioned names that tickle my fancy. Whatever the reason Revlon makes my favorite drugstore lipstick. I don’t think another brand manufactures so many colors, and within their vast selection are several shades that look really good on me. Here are my favorite Revlon lipstick colors.
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The Red Lipstick Challenge

Red Lipstick

The Challenge

Back in January I read the post “How Red Lipstick Taught me to be Brave” on Those Graces. The author challenged herself to wear red lipstick every day for a month.

“In the beginning of the challenge, I was afraid to go out in public with my red lips. There was something unnerving about people staring at me, whether they did it out of judgement or inherent curiosity. But this isn’t a story about strangers, it’s a story about me. I went from being doubting myself every time I wore red lipstick to embracing it entirely. It became apart of who I was, almost like a character trait. I wore it when I was so happy, when I was terribly sad, when I was sick and once accidentally when I was going to the gym.”

My thought on reading her post was “I wear red lipstick all the time!” but then I had to be honest with myself. I love red lipstick and wear it often, but not constantly.  Still, I wanted to see if it felt weird to wear red lipstick every day. So last month I decided to start a red lipstick challenge of my own. I would wear red lipstick daily starting first thing in the morning. I’d reapply it after lunch and any time I walked out the door. How did the experiment go? Keep reading to find out.

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Ravishing Red Lipsticks (from the Drugstore!)

Red lips suggest all sorts of sexy things and always have. Women have been staining their mouths red for centuries, maybe longer. These days we have lipsticks, chubby lip crayons, long-lasting gels and lip glosses to help create that red pout we find so appealing.  Last year I published a post on my favorite red lipsticks from the drugstore.  Since then one of the colors I reviewed has been discontinued and I’ve found more colors I like so I thought it would be fun to create another post on the subject. Continue Reading →

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Fabulous Fuchsia Lipstick (From the Drugstore!)

Why I Love Fuchsia

Fuchsia. Raspberry. Dark pink. Whatever you call the color, I love it on the lips. Bright, almost red, and very noticeable, fuchsia perks up any outfit. Deep pink is also a good alternative to the burgundy lipstick that has been so fashionable for the last few autumn seasons. I like the look of dark lipstick but find it more and more difficult to wear as I get older, but anyone at any age can wear bright lipstick. Just ask Iris Apfel, a mature style icon who adores the most brilliant of shades. I’ve been wearing the lipsticks in this review for the last few months and I’m sure I’ll continue to wear them during the holidays and beyond. Fuchsia is one of the few colors that looks just as good in spring as in the fall. It’s truly a year-round color.

Disclosure: The makeup reviewed in this post was purchased with my own money. I was not paid to post this review, however, affiliate links are embedded in the post. If you buy a lipstick from one of the links I will receive a small commission. Thank you in advance for your support! Continue Reading →

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Early Fall Makeup Favorites

I’m having a love affair with olive green this month. No, I’m not sure why either. It probably has something to do with the camouflage military jackets all the cute girls are wearing for the street style photographers.  Bronze goes with olive green like leopard print and denim, or pumpkin pie and whipped cream.  Sparkly olive green, dark glittery orange, and gold harmonize beautifully. These are the shades I covet at the moment. I’m thankful that makeup companies are so sensitive to my color moods because they make it quite easy for me to indulge in these fall makeup obsessions without breaking the bank. Continue Reading →

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