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New Earrings

Pretty earrings by Monet

Remember when I said my new year’s resolution was to buy more earrings? Well, I’ve been doing GREAT with that goal! I guess one way to make sure you realize all those yearly ambitions is to make them enjoyable, and shopping for fashion accessories is FUN. Well, I think it’s fun. What makes these pretty earrings especially nice isn’t just the elegant packaging or the sophisticated designs, at $22 a pair they’re also a great price. Oh, and they were on sale to boot. Lucky me. Want to know where I found them? Perhaps you’ll be surprised, but maybe not. Keep reading to find out.  Continue Reading →

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Purses in Vogue

Fashion Editorial from Vogue Magazine, January 2014There was a time when I picked up the newest American Vogue magazine with excitement at all the wonderful folly that lie within, but over the last few years I’ve become disillusioned. It’s rare that I open an issue that inspires me. As I flipped through the newest, January 2014 issue, I was pretty sure I was going to be underwhelmed once again. Then, at the end of the slim book, page 130, I stopped. This fashion editorial is named “Tinsel Town” because, I guess, it’s filled with actresses (and one incredible beautiful red-headed model, above) but maybe also because of the whimsical embellished purses that are the true stars of the pages. Take a look… Continue Reading →

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New Years Resolutions 2014 – beyond the basics

Rose NecklaceLast year when I wrote about my new year’s resolutions the title was rather tongue-in-cheek: In 2013 I resolve to wear more Chanel! It wasn’t true. I had no plans of wearing or even buying any of that particularly expensive brand of clothing, but the goal to improve my wardrobe with better quality, classic clothing was a sound one. I’m pleased to say that 12 months later I do have quite a few pieces on my 2013 back-to-basics clothing list, including several silk blouses, good quality jeans in different classic washes, and one chic black leather pencil skirt. I actually managed to achieve about half of the goals I set for myself last year, including setting up a retirement account and exercising almost daily. So what is in store for 2014?

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The Chic, Functional, Bandolier I-Phone Case

The chic and functional Bandolier I-Phone caseAs a general rule the words chic and functional don’t usually go together, but the two words describe the Bandolier I-Phone case perfectly. I first laid eyes on this innovative carrying case at this fashion show, where I had the pleasure to sit next to the lovely Audrey Wu. Everyone at the event had their phones at the ready to photograph the models as they walked by on the catwalk, but while the rest of us rifled through our bags to get our various electronic devices Audrey only had to pick hers up from where it lay around at her hip. “Brilliant!” I thought. “Where do I get one?” I asked. As it turns out Audrey does PR for the company that makes the cases, and was happy to give me a Bandolier to use and review on my blog. (Ah, the perks of blogging!) I’ve been wearing my phone ever since.  Continue Reading →

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Los Angeles Based Fashion Designers on the Catwalk

Los Angeles Based Designers: Katharine KiddThis week the Los Angeles Fashion Council kicked off it’s two-day event of fashion shows featuring Los Angeles based designers. All the fashion companies showing their collections design and manufacture everything here in the city of angels. I love the fact that these designers have made the effort to create their clothing locally and many have gone a step further by using sustainable fabrics as well. None of that would matter if the clothes were boring or poorly designed, but there was a lot to covet walking down the runway this week. Here are a few photos of the fashion shows for your viewing pleasure. Continue Reading →

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