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New Earrings

Pretty earrings by Monet

Remember when I said my new year’s resolution was to buy more earrings? Well, I’ve been doing GREAT with that goal! I guess one way to make sure you realize all those yearly ambitions is to make them enjoyable, and shopping for fashion accessories is FUN. Well, I think it’s fun. What makes these pretty earrings especially nice isn’t just the elegant packaging or the sophisticated designs, at $22 a pair they’re also a great price. Oh, and they were on sale to boot. Lucky me. Want to know where I found them? Perhaps you’ll be surprised, but maybe not. Keep reading to find out.  Continue Reading →

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New Years Resolutions 2014 – beyond the basics

Rose NecklaceLast year when I wrote about my new year’s resolutions the title was rather tongue-in-cheek: In 2013 I resolve to wear more Chanel! It wasn’t true. I had no plans of wearing or even buying any of that particularly expensive brand of clothing, but the goal to improve my wardrobe with better quality, classic clothing was a sound one. I’m pleased to say that 12 months later I do have quite a few pieces on my 2013 back-to-basics clothing list, including several silk blouses, good quality jeans in different classic washes, and one chic black leather pencil skirt. I actually managed to achieve about half of the goals I set for myself last year, including setting up a retirement account and exercising almost daily. So what is in store for 2014?

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Sparkly, sparkly…

Emerald ringsAlthough most of the time I only wear a simple gold wedding band I love looking at rings and ring designs. So many interesting details on such a small space! I’m especially enamored of colored stones, but like most women there’s a soft spot in my heart for diamonds too. Continue Reading →

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