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My Cute Tote Bags

Cute tote bags - Vintage Shoe PrintIs it a bag? Is it a shoe? No its…an art tote! I have three of these cute tote bags in different designs. One is covered with drawings of vintage cameras. One is a collage of retro beach postcard art. My newest is covered in shoes, shoes, shoes! My sense of whimsy revels in these bags, which I carry with me with pride as if it was the newest “it” bag. These totes are charming, durable and affordable, they’re also made of recycled materials. Continue Reading →

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Top Hair Accessories for Summer 2013

Eloise - mint green wild rose clip

Eloise – mint green wild rose clip by Faylyn

Please welcome back Amanda, who has written this guest post about some pretty hair accessories to wear this summer.

It’s safe to call hair accessories the cherry on top of the cake when it comes to your outfit. As with any other accessory item, hair accessories come in various designs, colors, themes and trends. For summer 2013, there are a lot of unique pieces available that’ll go with different hairstyles. From color barrettes to floral headbands, a good choice can make you stand out even if you go out with a sloppy pony thrown up at the last minute. Here are some pretty hair accessories to wear this summer.

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Window Shopping the Spring Trends

Neon colors in the window at BarneysWindow shopping is one of my favorite past times. Sometimes I just want to get out and be inspired, so I take a stroll through the local mall and gaze at the window displays. The spring trends for 2013 seemed boring when I saw them in the fashion shows and magazines, but I’m enamored of the new looks now that I see in store windows. The minimalism that walked down the runway has been transformed into something fun with bright colors. Meanwhile, classic navy stripes bring some seriousness to all the joyful prints and hot colors. Continue Reading →

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Sparkly, sparkly…

Emerald ringsAlthough most of the time I only wear a simple gold wedding band I love looking at rings and ring designs. So many interesting details on such a small space! I’m especially enamored of colored stones, but like most women there’s a soft spot in my heart for diamonds too. Continue Reading →

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Traveling with Different Fashion Trends

Street style

Photo by JYF via Flickr
Please welcome my guest post writerAmanda Green, who tells us her story about living in different parts of the United States and how fashion and style changed as she moved from place to place. Continue Reading →
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