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Purses in Vogue

Fashion Editorial from Vogue Magazine, January 2014There was a time when I picked up the newest American Vogue magazine with excitement at all the wonderful folly that lie within, but over the last few years I’ve become disillusioned. It’s rare that I open an issue that inspires me. As I flipped through the newest, January 2014 issue, I was pretty sure I was going to be underwhelmed once again. Then, at the end of the slim book, page 130, I stopped. This fashion editorial is named “Tinsel Town” because, I guess, it’s filled with actresses (and one incredible beautiful red-headed model, above) but maybe also because of the whimsical embellished purses that are the true stars of the pages. Take a look… Continue Reading →

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The Chic, Functional, Bandolier I-Phone Case

The chic and functional Bandolier I-Phone caseAs a general rule the words chic and functional don’t usually go together, but the two words describe the Bandolier I-Phone case perfectly. I first laid eyes on this innovative carrying case at this fashion show, where I had the pleasure to sit next to the lovely Audrey Wu. Everyone at the event had their phones at the ready to photograph the models as they walked by on the catwalk, but while the rest of us rifled through our bags to get our various electronic devices Audrey only had to pick hers up from where it lay around at her hip. “Brilliant!” I thought. “Where do I get one?” I asked. As it turns out Audrey does PR for the company that makes the cases, and was happy to give me a Bandolier to use and review on my blog. (Ah, the perks of blogging!) I’ve been wearing my phone ever since.  Continue Reading →

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My Cute Tote Bags

Cute tote bags - Vintage Shoe PrintIs it a bag? Is it a shoe? No its…an art tote! I have three of these cute tote bags in different designs. One is covered with drawings of vintage cameras. One is a collage of retro beach postcard art. My newest is covered in shoes, shoes, shoes! My sense of whimsy revels in these bags, which I carry with me with pride as if it was the newest “it” bag. These totes are charming, durable and affordable, they’re also made of recycled materials. Continue Reading →

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Top Hair Accessories for Summer 2013

Eloise - mint green wild rose clip

Eloise – mint green wild rose clip by Faylyn

Please welcome back Amanda, who has written this guest post about some pretty hair accessories to wear this summer.

It’s safe to call hair accessories the cherry on top of the cake when it comes to your outfit. As with any other accessory item, hair accessories come in various designs, colors, themes and trends. For summer 2013, there are a lot of unique pieces available that’ll go with different hairstyles. From color barrettes to floral headbands, a good choice can make you stand out even if you go out with a sloppy pony thrown up at the last minute. Here are some pretty hair accessories to wear this summer.

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Emerald green earrings

emerald earrings

Lively. Radiant. Lush…A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.

Last year Pantone decreed that emerald-green would be the color of 2013 and ever since I’ve wondered just how I would wear it. It’s a beautiful color, but a little goes a long way. Earrings, especially statement earrings like these “Valentina” drops by Teri Aman, are just the right hint of the gorgeous color. They’re made of chalcedony, freshwater pearl and gold-plated silver and Teri wants to give away a pair to one of my readers. Continue Reading →

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