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Los Angeles Based Fashion Designers on the Catwalk

Los Angeles Based Designers: Katharine KiddThis week the Los Angeles Fashion Council kicked off it’s two-day event of fashion shows featuring Los Angeles based designers. All the fashion companies showing their collections design and manufacture everything here in the city of angels. I love the fact that these designers have made the effort to create their clothing locally and many have gone a step further by using sustainable fabrics as well. None of that would matter if the clothes were boring or poorly designed, but there was a lot to covet walking down the runway this week. Here are a few photos of the fashion shows for your viewing pleasure. Continue Reading →

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The Gallery Opening

Anne Bray's Gallery OpeningA couple of weeks ago I went to Anne M. Bray’s art show reception at Tag Gallery in Santa Monica. My husband, Hugo, met me there. The gallery is located in the Bergomot Station Art Center,  a large industrial complex that was once a stop for the Red Line Trolley. The trolley is long gone, but the crowds still decent upon the area, only now they’re looking for artwork instead of a ride to the ocean. Anne’s gallery opening coincided with a number of other events which made for a crazed parking lot scene, lot of great people watching and some wonderful art, of course. Continue Reading →

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Los Angeles designers and bloggers strut their stuff at the LAFC Fall/Winter 2013 Collections

LA Fashion Council Fall/Winter 2013 CollectionsLast week I did something I haven’t done in a long time: I went to a fashion show. Back in the 90’s I saw Jean Paul Gaultier and Lolita Lempicka, worked back stage at Cerruti 1881 and presented my own line of pale pink chiffon skirts and oversized hand-knit sweaters at my school’s fashion show. In 2012 I attending the Otis school of Art and Design fashion show so it really hasn’t been twenty years since I’ve been to one, but it still felt momentous watching the models strut by in full hair and makeup to the beat of carefully chosen music and the frenetic snap-snap-snap of many cameras. Continue Reading →

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Under a bridge in the Los Angeles Arts District

Black denim jacket, denim pencil skirtWhat does one wear to visit the ultra-hipster neighborhood called the “Arts District”? Chic lofts carved out of old factories and artist’s studios fill this once industrial area just east downtown Los Angeles. I’ve personally never seen so many photographers out with models in one area ever. My husband and I fit right it! We stopped under a bridge to take some shots before heading out to one of the cool little cafes that dot the area.

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Enjoying the Holiday Season

TheGrove-8Every year the holiday season takes me by surprise. I realize on December 1st that I have a mere three weeks to shop for gifts, decorate my home and send up to one hundred holiday cards to friends, clients and family. I’m a fairly organized person and I keep lists and notes from year to year to help me keep on track of all I need to do. Even so, it’s now mid-December and the happy holiday spirit is slowly being replaced by a grinchy scowl.

I have no advice on how to stay calm and happy through the holiday madness as I’m not very good at navigating the season myself, but I do try to take a breather every few days to go out and see the lights. Many streets here in Los Angeles are decorated for the holidays with glowing presents, holly and other seasonal imagery, but the best holiday displays are probably at the local shopping malls, many of which are outdoors. Last weekend my husband and I went to The Grove to look for some gifts. Although I didn’t find much to fill up my Christmas gift list, I was amazed at the lights, which were wrapped around every tree and building. During these short, dark, days of December I believe we need the extra light to keep the blues away.  Continue Reading →

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