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How to Wear a Plaid Skirt

Plaid Skirt IllustrationIt’s no secret that I love plaid. I’ve shared some of my favorite tartan items here on The Style Confessions in the outfit posts Mad for Plaid and A Plaid Dress for Fall, but the one item that continues to eluded me is the perfect plaid skirt. I need something that’s lightweight because the weather in Los Angeles is not conducive to heavy, warm, wool fabrics and of course I would prefer that the skirt is affordable, maybe even second-hand. I will continue my retail search, but in the meantime I drew a simple pencil skirt that, in my book, would be just perfect. Of course I will continue to look for images of plaid skirts and add them to my on-line Plaid Passion Pinterest board. Should I ever complete my quest I’ll have lots of inspiration. Here are a few more ideas on how to wear a plaid skirt from my favorite fashion bloggers. Continue Reading →

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The Leather Motorcycle Jacket in Fashion

Motorcycle jacketA few years ago Balmain sent models down the runway wearing studded, shredded, embellished versions of the iconic leather motorcycle jacket. They’ve been a hot fashion trend ever since. I can’t afford the Balmain biker jacket, but that didn’t keep me from looking everywhere for one in my price range. After turning down dozens for problems with fit or fabrication, I finally found one at the Gap that looked just right. Now that it’s finally cold enough to wear leather I find myself reaching for it almost every day. I like to wear mine with jeans, or a black dress, but there are lots and lots of ways to wear this iconic piece. Here are ten posts from around the web that inspire me. Continue Reading →

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Blogs in Style: What to wear to a holiday party

Sequins here, sequins there, sequins everywhere! It’s the time of year for sparkly clothes, festive makeup, and splashy parties. The holiday season is upon us! Last week I went to an elegant holiday dinner party and wore the black dress seen in this post.  I love my little black dress, yet I feel like there are so many other options for a holiday party. From sequin pants to Christmas sweaters, here are a few of my favorite festive clothing ideas from around the web.

  1. Should you wear a dress or something casual to your next holiday party? Here are some ideas.
  2. Are the parties you attend too casual for a dress? Here are five alternatives to sparkly dresses to try this Christmas.
  3. I don’t know how comfortable sequin pants would be, but they do look like fun.
  4. Printed, decorated and embellished jeans are all the rage. These fancy jeans can take you through the holidays and beyond in style.
  5. Here is an unusual tip to keep you dancing all night long.
  6. How do you feel about ugly Christmas sweaters? Personally I think they’re a holiday classic. No party would be complete without at least one!
  7. I want to go to this party! OK, it’s not a real party. Still, I want to go, and I love the pretty dresses the models are wearing.
  8. A lacy top adds instant glamour to a holiday outfit.
  9. I would love to go to a party wearing this fabulous Prada dress.
  10. Over at Wardrobe Oxygen the holiday look du jour includes tulle, taffeta and a t-shirt.

See anything you want to wear? What are you wearing to your holiday parties this year?



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Blogs in Style: The Christmas Shopping Edition

Ready or not, the Christmas season is here. It’s time to window shop and gift shop, make wonderful things for our friends, send cards, bake cookies, attend parties, and have fun. Does it all seem a little overwhelming? It is for me. Every year I am behind, no matter how organized or prepared I try to be. The posts below present images of inspirational window shopping and some of my favorite gift suggestions as well, but I also include some posts on how to relax and enjoy the holidays. Happy shopping everyone! Continue Reading →

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Blogs in Style: The Leopard Coat (and Ten Ways to Wear It)

A few days of calm on the work front has allowed me to finally flip through my pile of fall fashion magazines. Looking through them I saw a lot of leopard print. If there has ever been a trend I was wrong about it is the current obsession with spots. Personally I love leopard, and can’t remember a time when I didn’t, but when the trend first hit hard a couple of years ago I thought it would be a flash in the pan. I was so wrong! It’s still going strong. I wonder if when we look back at the 2010’s we won’t associate it with prints in general, and animal prints in particular. Could we be wearing cheetah spots all decade-long? I hope so, because I need more of this glamorous print in my life. Continue Reading →

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