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Swag and Champagne at the Lucky & Aloxxi Pre-FABB Party

 Swag at the Lucky FABB pre party

Ah swag, those delightful little bags of free stuff so loved by bloggers were given away at the Lucky & Aloxxi party the night before Lucky FABB. The party was held at Stylehaüs at The Grove and of course it wasn’t all about swag. There was bubbly too! Hairstylists were on hand to give the attendees fun up-dos and sleek blow-outs. That was all really nice, but what I really enjoyed was the people watching.  Although I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of stylish women at the conference the next day, the night before was much more intimate. My camera hadn’t run out of battery either so I have some great photos to share. Continue Reading →

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Hairstyle sketches from Lucky FABB

An illustration of a girl with bobby pinsLast week I attended Lucky FABB west, the Lucky magazine west coast conference for fashion and beauty bloggers. I couldn’t wait to see what the most fashionable women in the blogosphere were wearing. Color and pattern was the big trend at the event, with almost everyone wearing the most brilliant hues. Unfortunately it was a bit too much for my senses, and after a while all the hot pink flippy skirts, festive floral print flouncy blouses, canary yellow “it” bags and neon green open-toe mile-high heels started to blur together. What did stand out were the hair styles. There were super long sleek styles and shoulder-length flips. There were up-dos and magenta streaks. There were poofs and ringlets, big buns and dainty chignons. Because my camera ran out of battery I didn’t take any photos. Instead I drew, and because we were all sitting down most of the time my best drawings are of the bloggers profiles and heads. Here are the hairstyle sketches I drew of the audience at Lucky FABB. Continue Reading →

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Eight things I learned at Lucky FABB

Lucky GirlI was totally ready for Lucky FABB, the Lucky magazine fashion and beauty bloggers conference held here on the west coast, or so I thought. I haven’t attended many conferences in my life. (As a designer I’ve spent most of my time working at a desk. We were rarely sent off to talk to the trade.) It cost a pretty penny to attend FABB and I wanted to get the most out of it so of course I prepared my bag the night before and arrived early. Well, I tried, which brings me to my first point. Continue Reading →

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