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Printed Jeans for Fall

Printed Jeans for FallLast year I wandered through my local department store sighing over all the fabulous printed jeans for fall. I loved them, but the first wave of the trend was expensive and, worse, super-low rise. As much as I loved the printed jeans trend I had to wait until someone made a pair that didn’t induce the dreaded muffin top. This year I found them. They’re made by NYDJ, my favorite denim brand. This new “legging” style, which you can see in this affiliate link, fit like a glove and look fabulous. Well, I think so anyway. In fact, I liked the style so much I bought the jeans in three colors! I almost never buy in multiples, but they looked so good I couldn’t help myself. I bought the jeans in black and a dark denim wash, and I’ve already worn them several times, but my favorite pair are the ones you see above. They’re covered in a dark blue tapestry inspired print. Continue Reading →

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A Maxi Dress for Fall: Fashion Video

A Maxi Dress for Fall

A maxi dress for fall is the subject of this fashion video. The swirls of brown, orange and beige in the print make this maxi dress one of my favorite fall frocks. Of course, autumn in Los Angeles is not like autumn in other places. Here the months of September and October are often the hottest of the year. The day we took this video was no exception. It was bright, sunny and warm. Continue Reading →

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A Summer Dress in the Fall

Recently I’ve noticed that many of my favorite bloggers have pulled their summer frocks out of the closet to pair them with cozy sweaters and boots. It’s not difficult to see why. As the days get colder, shorter and darker I long for the long, lazy days of summer too. A pretty print dress brings with it a bit of warm-weather nostalgia.  In the meantime I’ll wear this summer dress in the fall and dream of warm weather bliss. Continue Reading →

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A Rainy Birthday

Last weekend I celebrated another year on planet earth. I cannot say I am especially excited by the number 43, but there isn’t much I can do about it other than lie, which I’ve always found rather pathetic, so my husband and I went out and drank champagne instead. Continue Reading →

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Scarf. Jacket. Jeans.

What do I reach for when the weather is cool and breezy? A scarf, jacket and jeans keep me just warm enough. In this post I’m wearing a black leather biker jacket with a ruffled leopard print scarf, bright blue denim shirt and black jeans. They’re all new to my blog and my body, but not my wardrobe. Continue Reading →

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