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Fall looks

A plaid dress for fall

The muted colors and subtle pattern of a classic tartan always make me feel warm and cozy. I imagine falling leaves in dark, cool woods and burbling brooks flanked by mossy banks. We don’t have much of that in Los Angeles, but we do have Fern Dell, a wooded trail complete with a manmade stream that winds through a small part of Griffith park. It’s a tranquil oasis in a busy city. My plaid romance was shot here amid the native ferns and sycamores. Continue Reading →

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The Peplum Top

A peplum is a flared ruffle that attaches to a garment at the waist and covers the hips. This feminine flounce was fashionable from the 1930’s through to the 1950’s. It came back into style in the 1980’s, and popped up again last year. It took a while for the style to find its way to retail, but now there are lots of pieces to choose from. Stores like Zara and Nordstrom sell structured peplum tops and flounce-topped pencils skirts at prices that range from low to high. The top I’m wearing in these photos cost only $30. How could I say no? Continue Reading →

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Updating Red Jeans

I bought these red jeans last year knowing very well that they were just a fad but I didn’t care. I wanted to be trendy. I knew they’d be the hight of cool for a little while, and then would drop into the “out” category as some other hot item took their place.  I’m grateful that I wasn’t completely correct.  The red denim trend has simply evolved.  Turquoise, pink and neon denim had a moment of fame, and now colored corduroy and printed jeans are enjoying their day in the sun.  Even though red isn’t the hot color anymore I still love my cranberry colored jeans. I wore them with a black knit blouse last fall, with red during the holiday season, and with an oversized madras shirt this summer.  I wanted to wear them a bit differently this fall, and I was hoping I could combine them with another trend to refresh the look. Continue Reading →

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Blogs in Style: The Leopard Coat (and Ten Ways to Wear It)

A few days of calm on the work front has allowed me to finally flip through my pile of fall fashion magazines. Looking through them I saw a lot of leopard print. If there has ever been a trend I was wrong about it is the current obsession with spots. Personally I love leopard, and can’t remember a time when I didn’t, but when the trend first hit hard a couple of years ago I thought it would be a flash in the pan. I was so wrong! It’s still going strong. I wonder if when we look back at the 2010’s we won’t associate it with prints in general, and animal prints in particular. Could we be wearing cheetah spots all decade-long? I hope so, because I need more of this glamorous print in my life. Continue Reading →

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Mad for Plaid

I love plaid. Not just any plaid though. Madras isn’t my thing. Tartan, however, just does it for me. I find it’s history and meaning rather fascinating. In terms of color, traditional is fabulous but untraditional is fantastic too. In these photos I am wearing a few of my plaid pieces all together in one outfit. If my last post was about reality, then this one is a tartan fantasy.  I thought it would be fun to create an outfit with a few plaid pieces. It was, but I didn’t leave the house wearing it.  I have a fair amount of confidence, but I’d need even more to wear a multiple-tartan look like this on the street.  Still, it was fun!  Continue Reading →

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