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Things to wear camping and in the great outdoors

California Style

Head to any beach town in California and I promise you two things: The unassuming shack a few blocks from the beach does have the best hamburgers in town and most of the people in line will be wearing cut off jeans and flip-flops or bathing suits. It seems like California style becomes more casual the closer you get to the sand, and right on the shore is about as relaxed as possible. Maybe it’s the sound of the waves that puts everyone in a tank top, shorts and sandals kind of mood. Maybe it’s all the sunshine. Whatever. It works for me. Continue Reading →

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Surf and Stripes


This summer my family and I spent a week camping on the beach near the charming town of Carpenteria. I packed all my bathing suits, including this ruffly stripe one by Kenneth Cole Reaction. I also did a bit of shopping prior to the trip as I wanted to be well supplied with cover-ups and other beach camping essentials. Among the new purchases were several white shirts from the Goodwill and other local thrift stores.  This one is made of a nice, medium-weight cotton but it has a few pen marks on the sleeves. It doesn’t matter. It didn’t stay on long enough for anyone to notice. The waves were much too enticing. Continue Reading →

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Camping Chic

I love camping, but finding ways to “rough it” and still look good is an ongoing challenge. Sometimes I come up with a really cute outfit. Sometimes it’s a total fail. On our last expedition I paired this military style jacket with a camouflage mini skirt. I felt chic yet authentic.  The belt is a new addition found on sale at the end of summer. (I don’t usually belt my jackets but I love the look on other women and thought I’d try it out.) The purse is a vintage Japanese tourist bag.

  • Jacket – Calson
  • Turtleneck t-shirt – Target
  • Belt – Converse
  • Skirt – The Gap
  • Purse – A gift
  • Watch – Timex
  • Shoes – Sketchers

What do you think of camping?  Should how you look even be an issue when you’re living out of a tent?

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The Lady of the Trailer

Every time I go camping I instinctively pack old jeans that no longer fit, boxy L.L. Bean jackets, Patagonia fleece sweaters, a shredded denim skirt purchased ages ago at Target, sweats and faded T-shirts that I normally wear for my daily jog. Throw in an ancient pair of sneakers and I look, well, nothing short of frumpy. I’m in good company.  Everyone else at the campground is wearing some variation on the same theme.

The other day as I packed for another outdoor adventure I decided to try a new approach.  We were headed to a lovely stretch of sand located next to a charming ocean-side town of Carpenteria.  The campground sits right on the beach, and the closest we get to “roughing it” is cuddling up in a sleeping bag in the trailer.  We even make coffee in an electric coffee maker.  I didn’t see why I needed to wear fleece and sweats.

So I packed my favorite jeans, cute shoes, and even my new faux fur jacket. After a few days in the campground I can see why I normally pack old fleece and ancient jeans. My faux fur jacket was cozy warm, but not the best choice for camp cooking.  (The damage isn’t noticeable, but a bit of the fur on one sleeve melted together while I was placing corn on the grill.) Thankfully the campfire ember that landed on my favorite jeans didn’t burn a hole through the leg and I don’t even want to recall the looks I got from other campers as I strolled the asphalt in my new Missoni for Target heels.

But I look pretty glam don’t I?

  • Jacket – “Gallery” purchased at Nordstroms
  • T-shirt – Target
  • Jeans – J Brand
  • Necklace – Cara Couture
  • Shoes – Missoni for Target

What do you wear camping?

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Vacation Pics

This Summer’s vacation centered around long walks along forested trails, laying on sandy beaches, and a bit of white water rafting. My children, husband and I spent two and a half weeks camping in Oregon.  I’ve been wanting to see my neighboring state for years and I’m so glad we finally did it. It’s easy to forget, living in the sprawling metropolis that is Los Angeles, that there are forests growing in the United States. Now that I have been to Oregon I can say without hesitation that I have spent time surrounded by miles and miles and miles of trees.

My plan was to wear a whole bunch of cute camping outfits and have my husband photograph me looking adorable while sightseeing our national treasures. Unfortunately my regime of jeans, T-shirts and sweatshirts just wasn’t all that exciting.  I do have some great photos of an outfit I wore while exploring Sacramento, but that will be next. In the meantime here are some photos of my vacation.

First we stopped in Sacramento, the capitol city of California…


Then it was on to the Southern coast of Oregon…

We then drove up the coast to Astoria and the Columbia River, where we stayed in a beautiful campground by the ocean…

After a few days exploring the beaches and towns of Northern Oregon, we drove south to the scenic Rogue River where we went white water rafting!  We saw two Bald Eagles (wow!) and wild turkeys as well as egrets on our trip down the river.

Many of my blogging friends are happily posting photos of their recent vacations too.  I want to thank Stephanie of “The Loudmouth Lifestyle” for the very cute post on her recent camping vacation (You can see here)  which inspired my layout. Thanks Stephanie!

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