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Here They Are – The Cute Campers!

Two weeks ago I asked my blog friends to give me some advice on how to look cute while camping and trudging through the woods. Here are the cute campers and their cute camping outfits.

Ada’s Look

Ada writes “Of Woods and Words”.  According to her blog’s “about” page she lives “in a small cabin on the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, 55 miles from the nearest town.” (Ada, where I’m from, a small cabin at the edge of the woods IS camping.) She sent me two adorable photos that were originally posted here. This is what she has to say:

“…when I camp/picnic I try to wear lots of well fitting layers and avoid the Mom jeans at all cost. Instead, I go for fitted, but not skin tight jeans and I wear waterproof hiking boots that aren’t ginormous. To add a little bit of personality, I throw on a hand-knitted cap.”

And here she is cooking over an open fire! It’s usually a lot warmer where I go camping, (Is that SNOW on the ground behind her?) Ada, what are you cooking?  That looks good.

Anne’s Look

Anne Bray writes “Spy Girl” and other blogs.  In January of 2004 she went on a hike on Hong Kong island.  Her friend Lisa Fairchild took a photo of her hiking ensemble, which includes a stripe bag, clogs, and lots of layers. Anne tells me that she still has and wears most of these items.

Actual outfit:

  • Black/white Speedo tee — work sample from Irene
  • Navy Leon Max rayon shorts — LM outlet in Glendale late 90s
  • Some sort of black sweater at waist
  • Capri length leggings — from ?
  • Cotton ankle sox
  • Clogs – Amsterdam flea market
  • Stripe zip-top tote – 99¢ store
  • Buttons adorn a mini purse (was using as “camera bag”)
  • Nikon Coolpix 995 – a relic and she still uses it.


Items seriously lacking from outfit:

  • Hat
  • Flashlight (she stumbled down from hike in the dark)

I’ll remember your advice about the hats and the flashlight Anne. I need to be a lot more prepared on my hiking trips. Last time we saw a rattle snake and I, of course, had left the snake bite kit in the campground.

Alexis’ Look

And last but not least, Alexis from “North on Harper” sent me this very chic camping outfit which includes possibly the cutest army green jacket ever, over a blue t-shirt, capri jeans and a great pair of sporty shoes.

Thank you everyone!  My husband and I have planned another camping trip soon.  I’m going to have to bring some photo-worthy outfits this time.

(The photos are the property of the individuals highlighted in this article.)

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Can cute clothes and camping coexist?

Can cute clothes and camping coexist? Go to any campground in America, and I promise you the females with the most style will be under 8 years of age.  This weekend I saw ruffly petticoats worn over hot pink sweatpants, polka dotted pom-pom adorned hats, multi-colored sweaters and distressed denim jeans worn with tie-dye converse high-top sneakers. It was inspiring.  (Perhaps mothers should just let their little girls wear whatever they want  more often?)

Meanwhile, everyone over 20 seems to settle into a wardrobe of grey sweats, ancient running shoes and “mom jeans”.  I’m not being a snob.  You can include me on that list.  My husband absolutely refused to turn his camera on me and instead focused on our kids and the landscape. It’s probably a good thing. I’m not sure I want to know how frumpy I looked.

I did manage to put this outfit multi-denim outfit together on the last day of our trip.  It was a warm morning so no need for fleece, and I did have to change into said “mom jeans” for a later bike ride, but I looked cute for a few minutes.

The Cute Camping Challenge

So the question I want to pose my readers is this: Is it possible to look good while camping? Can you come up with some cute outfits while living out of a bag and sleeping on the ground?  If you’re like me and you like to look good while taking on the great outdoors, how do you do it? This is a serious question my friends.  I’m planning a month of road-trecking this Summer and I need some advice.

So here’s what I’d like to do; Please submit a photo of one great camping outfit by Saturday May 7th by e-mailing me at  (This doesn’t have to be a photo you took while camping, but an shot in some greenery might be good for ambiance.) Include why you think your outfit works for camping and any advice you’ve gleaned from trips in the past. Be practical!  Remember, this outfit might see anything from a morning bike ride along the beach, to hiking up into rattlesnake infested hills, to sight-seeing at tourist destinations.  It really does sound impossible, but I know a lot of you have some serious style.

On Monday May 9th I will post the best submissions along with your sartorial camping advice.

Results! Yes, cute clothes and camping can coexist

Update! The challenge is finished. Read all about it here: Here they are! The Cute Campers. 

Since writing this post I’ve done quite a few more posts on what to wear camping. See them all here: Camping Outfits

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