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Living out of a suitcase

Leather Jacket and JeansThose of you who follow me on Facebook and here on my blog know that there have been some changes in my life of late. What’s happening? I’m moving! My husband and I have lived in our tiny, 850 square foot, 1920’s spanish style cottage for over a decade.  We’ve wanted to move our family to a larger home for a while but even with the current state of the economy real estate in the nicer parts of Los Angeles is wildly expensive. As a result we’re moving in two steps. First, we’ve relocated temporarily to my mother-in-law’s spacious backyard studio apartment. It was the original owner’s art studio and still has an enormous north-facing window that brings in beautiful, indirect light all day long. It’s sort of like living in a garden. So far the move has gone very smoothly, but there is one small problem. I’m dressing out of a duffel bag. Continue Reading →

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Ten Ways to Wear Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeansBoyfriend jeans are one of my favorite denim fashion trends. This summer I purchased a pair of 7 For All Mankind Josefina Skinny Boyfriend Jeans on sale. The big, slouchy, comfortable-looking rolled jeans intrigued me, but I had no idea if I’d ever wear them. Well, I did, and I do, CONSTANTLY. In fact I like my boyfriend jeans so much a new pair is on my “to buy” list, maybe in a darker wash. The best thing about these jeans are their versatility. Boyfriend jeans are naturally casual, but they can be dressed up too. In these photos I’m wearing my slouchy jeans with my favorite Gap black t-shirt and a pair of Sketchers flats. If you were to stop by my house on an average weekday this is how I would probably look. It’s my everyday uniform. Even though I wear the jeans in a casual way during the day, I love dressing them up with pumps and a pretty blouse like I did in this post. Honestly, my take on the boyfriend jeans trend is pretty basic, but there are lots and lots of way to wear them. I’ve found ten of my favorite looks from around the web and listed them below for your viewing pleasure. See anything you like? Continue Reading →

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Denim on Denim

The first time I noticed double denim it was sometime in the early 90’s. I was flipping through a magazine when I was stopped by the site of a model wearing dark denim from tip to toe. I remember thinking how fresh and hip she looked. Even though the trend had its moment and then fell into ridicule I never really stopped liking the look. As with so many fashion trends from the early 90’s double denim is back in style. Although I’m not really seeing denim on denim in every ad like it was back then, the look is undeniably popping up on the street. I’ve tried the look myself with varying amounts of success. (I tried it last year in this post. I think I’ve done much better this time.) It’s not easy to look laid back, chic and stylish wearing denim accented with more denim. Often it just looks too matchy-matchy. So I have put together a Pinterest Board to help me figure out just how to wear this trend. Continue Reading →

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Blogs in Style: The Denim Edition

Jeans are the ultimate American uniform and denim in all it’s forms is a perennial fashion “do”. Jeans have been hot for a few years now, with no sign of the trend stopping any time soon. I like denim so much I’ve made a Pinterest board just for things made with this utilitarian fabric. Did you know the fabric doesn’t show the dirt because of the diagonal weave? Chambray, its lightweight plain weave cousin, is best in dresses and shirts, but most people still refer to any fabric in the indigo blue dye range as denim. Fine by me. I’m fond of classic blue, printed, acid washed, distressed and colored versions whether they’re the real thing or not. Here are some of my favorite looks and articles on the subject from around the web. Continue Reading →

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Boyfriend Jeans – I love you!

I cannot say I was instantly smitten by the boyfriend jeans craze. It seemed like the slightly roomy, cropped, cuffed, low-rise jeans with some distressing around the knees and hips would look incredibly frumpy on my middle-aged frame. This, I thought, is not for me. Then I noticed that women were dressing up their distressed jeans with pretty, feminine blouses and stiletto heels and the look started to grow on me. Continue Reading →

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