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Polka Dots at Night

I quickly put together this casual evening look to go out to dinner a few weeks ago. It was one of the last of our cool evenings. I certainly wouldn’t be wearing a jacket or a scarf in the humid late summer heat we’ve been experiencing recently, even at night. Although the outfit is casual it still feels somewhat glamorous. It goes to show you what a printed scarf can do for an outfit. Without the polka dots the ensemble would be very simple indeed, but the big graphic circles give it flare. Continue Reading →

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Cut-off Denim Shorts – I Love You!

There are some trends that jump right out at me and yell “Buy me! Wear me! NOW!” but a more sensible part of me stops and says “Whoa girl, think about this one for a while.” Cut off denim shorts are that kind of trend. You see I wore short-shorts back in the early 1990’s. The fashion police say if you have been around for the trend the first time, it’s not for you the second time. (Though I cannot find who first quoted it, making me think these fashion police might just be an urban legend.) Continue Reading →

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Denim Pencil Skirt – I love you!

If you follow my blog then you know I have a “thing” for jean skirts. Currently I own two: the blue one I wore here and here and the white one that I wore here and here. I’m so in love with denim pencil skirts that I was surprised to read that the blue jean-loving author of Eat, Sleep, Denim doesn’t like them. (Let’s Discuss:The Playful Denim Skirt). I’m on a crusade to bring my favorite skirt trend to the world because if they go away I won’t be able to find any more, and I really want to buy some colorful versions of this practical yet sexy take on the classic jean skirt when I can squeeze it into my budget.  So I’m doing it again. Here’s yet another outfit post featuring my newest obsession: the denim pencil skirt. Continue Reading →

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Why I Love the Denim on Denim Trend

The denim on denim trend is a fashion statement I just can’t seem to get enough of these days. White denim, blue denim, chambray, colored denim, and printed denim pieces have recently found homes in my closet, and yes, I wear them together in double denim outfits.  Could it be a trend?  Well, yeah. But it’s a trend that really works for my lifestyle and is perfect for the more casual atmosphere of the summer months.The trick is to find a way to wear these super-trendy pieces so they look chic rather than faddish.

The perfect white denim skirt has been a “holy grail” item for years.  I love wearing white denim in the summer months and a skirt in the fabric has always seemed like the perfect blend of informality and city chic. Unfortunately white jean skirts have been in short supply in recent years.  Even The Gap, my “go to” store for denim basics, was without this summer classic for many years and if they did have them they were of the super-short mini skirt variety. So earlier this spring when I bought my blue denim pencil skirt at J Crew (If you’re curious you can see it in the post Postcards from Los Angeles) I asked about a white version and was told to head to their website to check it out.  I rarely buy clothes on-line, but this was an exception.

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Not Your Daughter’s Jeans – I love you!

If you’re looking for a denim brand that offers a fabulous fit, large range of sizes, lots of leg styles and a variety of both trendy and classic colors, look no further than “Not Your Daughter’s Jeans”. I gushed about this brand in the post “White Jeans and Street Art” and now I’m going to gush some more. NYD jeans have taken a lot of the worry out of jean shopping. “Worry?” you might ask yourself.  How could jean shopping be worrisome? Well just as some women fear bathing suit shopping I fear trying on jeans. Historically these fly front denim pants have looked bad on me.  There’s always something wrong with the fit in the rear end and I find the muffin-top thing as upsetting as it is unflattering. Add to this all the different brands, cuts, fabrics, lengths, styles, prices and colors available these days and find myself completely overwhelmed. NYD jeans offers lots of colors and leg styles but the cut through the hips and waist is the same throughout the clothing line. This it takes out one big piece of the worry.  I know when I grab a pair of NYD jeans that I’m going to fit in a size 8 or 10 and they will look and fit the same way every time. No more “I love this color and cut but the super low-rise looks absurd” situations or concern over how the jeans will look once they’ve stretched out after an hour of wear. Continue Reading →

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