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Evening wear and photos taken at night.

The Denim Jacket at Night

A denim jacket is a delightfully versatile piece of clothing. Mine is a year-round favorite as it enhances so many different looks.  You can see it herehere and here worn during the day, but I also love wearing this classic jacket on balmy summer evenings. Denim has a wonderful way of calming down a dressy outfit, taking it from maybe-a-little-too-formal to elegant-yet-casual. I also like the fact that dark denim looks amazing with black, my favorite evening color.   The metal buttons that decorate most denim jackets coordinate with metallic jewelry of all kinds and it’s fun to wear shiny, glittery, jewelry in the evening.

Friday night was beautiful and balmy, a wonderful start to the liquid summer nights we have here in Los Angeles. My husband and I had plans for dinner and I wanted to wear an outfit that would be elegant but casual enough for a local restaurant.  The simple little black jersey dress I chose to wear felt a bit too serious. So on went some shimmery copper heels and ropes of chain worn in a Chanel-inspired way, but now I felt too dressy. Then I pulled on my denim jacket and the outfit felt just right. I tucked a lipstick and phone into my mother’s vintage leopard purse, grabbed a little hat and, why not, a pair of lace gloves that have been calling to me for weeks, and we were on our way.

Photos taken by Hugo Fonseca at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles

The clothes:

  • Jacket by Tommy Hillfiger
  • Dress purchased at Barneys many years ago
  • Necklace by Cara Couture via
  • Bracelet by Forever 21
  • The hat, gloves and purse are all vintage
  • Shoes by DKNY

Tell me about your favorite denim jacket.  What does it look like?  How do you like to wear it?  Do you ever wear it at night to make a dressy outfit more casual?



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Vintage Cars at Night

My husband and I arrived in Palm Springs on a Friday afternoon.  The trip was intended to be a relaxing get-away so I decided to take a little nap. It was late afternoon by the time I woke up, and after a quick swim I dressed for the evening and we headed downtown for dinner.

Palm Springs is a small, but lovely, desert city.  The downtown has been updated over the years and now feels a bit like Disneyland in places. Crowds of people swarm the more popular karaoke bars and outdoor restaurants, but as soon as you leave the main drag the city is still and quiet. On our way back to the hotel we passed this vintage car lot and I had to stop and look. As there was no one around my husband got out the camera and the lights and we set up an impromptu photo shoot.

In the background is one of the most expensive cars on the lot. This beautiful red Cadillac with its huge chrome rocket-shaped grill can be yours for $100,000.

Looking at these photos reminds me that good design never dies.  These cars are just as fabulous now as when they were new. Yes, they’ve been fixed up and painted, but the shapes, lines, and details of these vintage cars and trucks stand the test of time. Personally I’d love to drive around town in the chic little black coupe pictured below.

I’m wearing a Veronica M black strapless maxi dress and little blue clutch from the same store. The earrings and bracelet were both purchased on The sandals are by Roberto Del Calo.

See any cars you like? Do you agree that great design is eternal?

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Purple and Navy

I wore this outfit to a party a few weeks ago and then recreated it for the photo shoot you see here.  I’m posing in a local alley in front of graffiti for real this time.

I thing the strapless navy dress is pretty fabulous with its bit of lace trim at the bottom. It’s simple but unusual.  Still, if it had cost more than $10 I would probably never have gotten it.  When I’m shopping I’ll look at the price tag and ask myself, “Is this (insert price here) good?”. If the answer is “yes” then I’ll buy it, but if the answer is “no” I wont.  Some things are worth their full retail price because I know I’ll wear them over and over again, but many things are just too crazy to buy unless they’re on sale or second-hand. This whole outfit cost less than $50 and even though I like the pieces, I would never have gotten any of them had they not been a bargain. When I saw the dress I considered it carefully, thought about the shortness of the skirt, the strapless top, and the general inappropriateness style, and then I thought to myself “Is it $10 good?”

Heck yeah.

  • Tights – Nordstoms on sale
  • Shoes – Nine West on sale
  • Dress – Thrifted from The Buffalo Exchange
  • Purse – Hobo, on sale at Nordstroms
  • Watch – on sale at

So, the skirt is crazy short and the tights are crazy bright, but I love the way the colors compliment each other. The purple keeps the navy from looking too boring, and the navy keeps the outfit from looking too wild.

What do you think of this color combination? Have you been wearing any purple recently? Ever buy anything just because it’s fun and cheap?



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Evening at the Bonaventure

The Bonaventure hotel is one of LA’s most iconic buildings.  Its been used as a location for dozens of movies many of which are proudly mentioned on plaques placed around the hotel. When it was built in 1976 it was the tallest building in downtown Los Angeles, but now it’s dwarfed by a number of skyscrapers.  Over thirty years later the futuristic architecture is still very cool, and the elevators are as fast as an amusement ride, only with a better view.

No, I’m not the view.  My husband took these photos as we made our way to the famous rotating bar on the top floor.  Over my shoulder you can see the lights of the city.  The glass elevators start in the lobby and then shoot up past the ceiling to fly along the exterior of the building.

Wait, did I just say ROTATING rooftop bar? Why yes I did. If you didn’t see enough from the elevator head to the top floor, order yourself a drink, and take in a 360 degree view of the City of Angels.  When I was young my parents would take me to the Bonaventure to ride the elevators. Later I’d order a Shirley Temple and watch as the world slowly spun around me. Now I order a Cosmopolitan instead.

The Bonaventure simply oozes 70’s glamour.  At the time it must have been the hight of modern cool.  Now it’s slightly faded and rather dated but it’s still a lot of fun. I couldn’t help but want to dress up in 1970’s inspired evening apparel including a swirl print strapless maxi dress, short fur coat and mile-high orange platforms.


  • Maxi dress – Veronica M
  • Short fur coat – Gallery purchased at Nordstrom
  • Snake bracelet –
  • Platform sandals – Charles Jordan

Are you familiar with the Bonaventure hotel?  Any stories you’d like to tell?  What do you think of the glam 70’s look? Would you wear it yourself?

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Jean-Louis Scherrer Couture Cocktail Dress


The tag inside this little black dress reads “Jean-Louis Scherrer Couture”. It tells me that the heavy black taffeta gown was made in France but it doesn’t tell me the year.  The house of Jean-Louis Scherrer closed it’s doors in 2008 and I can only find a few references to the clothing line on the web. The gown is gorgeous and like all true classics transcends time and fashion trends.  It was beautiful when it was new and it’s beautiful now. Whatever the decade, put on a heavy silk gown like this and you will look fabulous.

I found the dress at my favorite resale boutique “Clothes Heaven” and wore it the first time for a gala event I attended with my father last year.  The dress came on a recent trip to the desert so it could be photographed in a suitably dramatic environment.  I accessorized it simply with sparkly rhinestone drops, big black sunglasses and classic pointy-toe pumps.  If I were to find myself on the red carpet this is what I would wear.

  • Sunglasses – Fendi
  • Earrings – Kenneth Jay Lane
  • Dress – Jean-Louis Scherrer Couture
  • Pumps – Nine West

What would you wear to a red carpet event?


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