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Window Shopping the Spring Trends

Neon colors in the window at BarneysWindow shopping is one of my favorite past times. Sometimes I just want to get out and be inspired, so I take a stroll through the local mall and gaze at the window displays. The spring trends for 2013 seemed boring when I saw them in the fashion shows and magazines, but I’m enamored of the new looks now that I see in store windows. The minimalism that walked down the runway has been transformed into something fun with bright colors. Meanwhile, classic navy stripes bring some seriousness to all the joyful prints and hot colors. Continue Reading →

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Chambray shirt and print jeans

Print Jeans - The Style Confessions

We went to the beach every day during our stay in Carpenteria. Every morning I wore a bikini under my clothes in the hopes that it would be warm enough to swim. On the day we took these shots I wore pale blue printed jeans, a chambray top and sandals to match. The sun warmed up the beach for a few hours that afternoon but not enough to remove the layers. By the time we took these photos the fog had rolled in and it was quite chilly. We loaded sandy kids and beach gear into the car with my parents, then my husband and I headed back to the hotel on foot. I was glad for the shirt, but wished I’d brought a sweater too. To make walking easy I changed my convertible canvas bag from a cross body to a backpack, but I couldn’t do much about the shoes. They’re comfortable but not especially practical for walking on dirt paths. Continue Reading →

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A Flirty Frock for Spring

A flirty frock - The Style ConfessionsI love dresses. They’re just so EASY. Put it on. Add some shoes and a purse. Voila! Instant outfit.  Continue Reading →

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Cycling in (California) Style

Cycling in (California) style The weather here in Los Angeles has been beautiful, perfect for a day spent at the park with the kids and a mess of wheeled toys. Last Sunday I took my daughter’s new bike on a spin around the track wearing my new red Keds, stripe strapless top and white jeans. The three pieces are in heavy rotation currently! I suppose the weather will cool off soon and I’ll be back in wool, but I’ll celebrate the early spring in the meantime. Continue Reading →

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Stripes and Dots

Green nailsMost of this spring’s trends underwhelm me, but there is one trend I really like, big bold graphic stripes. Whenever a classic print I love comes into fashion I try to buy some pieces to add to my collection. Next spring the world of fashion will be on to something else, but I’ll still have a few great striped tops to wear and love.  Continue Reading →

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