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Postcards from Los Angeles

Greetings from sunny Los Angeles!   In the photo below I’m posing in front of Snow White’s wishing well.  No, I’m not in the Disney studios, I’m on Larchmont Boulevard, a sweet little shopping street in the middle of the city.  The woman who recorded the voice of Snow White in the original animated Disney movie lived in this house for years.  She really did speak in that squeaky, innocent voice and was known for being a bit nutty.  The wood siding on the house is unusual for the area, and I wonder if the owner altered the building so it looked more like Snow White’s cottage from the movie.  Whatever the reason the home is as well-known locally for the little wishing well out in front as it is for the celebrity who lived here.  The house is now for sale.  I hope the new owners find the wishing well as charming as I do.

I found this bright pink twill jacket last year at a local charity thrift store and snatched it up for around $5. It’s a lot of fun, but I do need to be in the mood to wear it because it’s so noticeable and definitely not the thing to wear when I want to blend in. I love the fitted cut, the multi button cuffs, zig-zag stitching down the front, and all the other little details. I’m wearing it with a collared navy blue blouse and my new favorite denim skirt. The stripe purse is a counterfeit Kate Spade (I call it my Fake Spade) given to me by my aunt years ago.  The sandals date from the 1990’s.


  • Photos – Hugo Fonseca
  • Jacket – Thrifted
  • Blouse – A hand-me-down from a friend
  • Skirt – J-Crew
  • Sandals – Nine West
  • Purse – A gift

Would you like to live in a house with Snow White’s wishing well in the front yard?


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White Jeans and Street Art

Bright colors, strange juxtapositions, unusual type styles, personal expression and  rebellion personify street art. I have never created a speck of graffiti but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it on our back alleys and sides of buildings.  Once the famous Bansky came to our little-big city and left us with walls decorated with huge spray-painted rats grumbling about their life. More recently the local Museum of Modern Art held an exhibit on street art that was nothing short of sensational.

I don’t know who painted the large-scale works of art that I’m posing up against.  In fact, I don’t even know where they are.  These photos are composites.  My husband took the photos of the graffiti and added me to them.  It gives the images a surreal feeling I really like.

The outfit is more mundane than the art I’m posing against.  I actually wore this the day of my failed attempt to carry a clutch with me while running errands.  (You can read about the debacle and my love for clutch purses here.) Even though it was a crazy afternoon I love the simplicity and brilliant colors in the ensemble. The Marni jacket is a very pale grey.  It’s a hand-me-down from a good friend as well as one of the nicest pieces of clothing in my wardrobe. I purchased the T-shirt last year from a local boutique. The clutch is from Veronica M and the orange sandals are by Camper.

The white jeans deserve their own paragraph because I am so obsessed with them.  I’m not sure it’s healthy to be in love with an article of clothing, but for someone who’s had a difficult relationship with jeans for most of her adult life finding a brand that fits this well and is so flattering is something to be very excited about.  The jeans are by NYDJ a.k.a. “Not Your Daughter’s Jeans”. I’d heard about the brand for a long time but only tried on a pair recently. The jeans fit high on the waist which is something of a shock after years of seeing nothing but low-rise jeans.  Once you get used to the way they look on the hips you’ll notice that there is no “muffin top”.  In fact your whole lower abdomen is smooth and shapely.  The jeans run large, so grab a pair one size smaller than your usual size. Although they’re considered “premium denim” at just over $100 they cost less than many other denim brands.

I’m very excited to report that I found a number of NYDJ jeans on “”.  Click on an image below to see a collection of items in the same spirit as this outfit including the very jeans I’m wearing.

  • Asos Asos Googley Eye Clutch
  • Whistles Seam Back Tee
  • Nine West Vanbra Anklestrap Sandal



What do you think of graffiti or street art? Have you ever tried NYD jeans?

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A Coat for Spring

Every fall fashion magazines brim with articles on the hot new trends in winter coats while, images of wooly brown, furry black, and wonderful tweeds fill the blogosphere.  Clearly many women need a winter coat, and having a fantastic new one will update your wardrobe for the long, dreary winter. But what happens when winter turns to spring but the weather hasn’t gotten the message?

The day I took these photos I’d dressed with two goals in mind: Don’t freeze and don’t wear any black. Some days wearing a costume of black, black and more black is like getting together with old friends, reassuring and comfortable.  Other days I want to tear it all out of my closet and never look at it again. It was that kind of day. I was ready for spring, but spring was not in the air. This day was bright, sunny, windy, and, by Los Angeles standards, cold.

My collection of winter coats includes a long black faux fur vintage number, a short brown faux fur coat, a trench coat for the rain and a knee-length plaid coat. For someone who lives in an area that rarely sees temperatures lower than the mid 50’s I have far more warm coats than I need. To add another to my closet seems pretty excessive even to a clothing lover like myself. Still, I’ve toyed with the idea of a warm spring coat for some time.

February, March and April are often the coldest months of the year.  The weather in LA, always mercurial, becomes downright bi-polar in the early spring.  One weekend we’ll see temperatures in the high 80’s, the next, massive rain storms drench the city and bring on a massive chill. Unfortunately by April my warm coats have gone into hibernation in the attic and I long for something that will keep me warm when the temperatures drop.

Then I discovered it. This beautiful wool coat was waiting for me on the sale rack in the back of a local consignment store.  I knew as soon as I put it on that I’d found the elusive spring coat.  It could be worn in the fall or winter too as it’s more of a light olive-green than a cool pastel green. To make it feel more like spring I pared it with a navy knit dress, and a lavender scarf. The brown boots and a brown woolen vintage tote added a warm, neutral note to the outfit. I didn’t feel like the embodiment of spring, but I didn’t feel like I was dressed for the dead of winter either.  Oh, and I was warm, though maybe I could have added some tights.

Credits: My husband Hugo took these shots at the La Brea Tar Pits.

I’m wearing a new-to-me green wool coat from Ampersand, Max Studio navy dress, and vintage purse.  The scarf was a gift and the watch is from

What do you think of the idea of having a light or bright colored coat for cold spring days? Do you find it excessive or practical?

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Vacation by the Beach

Last weekend my family and I spent two fantastic days at a charming little town on the California coast.  Before hitting the beach I donned this white denim skirt and stripe T-shirt. Although I know I look pretty casual in these photos, I was in fact incredibly dressed up next to everyone else. The local uniform consisted of flip-flops, tie-dye tops and cut-off jean shorts.

I find it very interesting how different places all have their own looks, and an outfit that would have looked quite casual in Los Angeles seemed so dressed up just a few miles away, but that’s one of the challenges of packing for a trip isn’t it?  There’s no way to know what people are going to be wearing where you’re going, so have faith in your own personal style, check the weather, and pack with confidence!


Credits: All photos by Hugo Fonseca.  I don’t remember where I purchased the hat but the t-shirt is from Target and the skirt is from J-Crew.  The Trench is of unknown origin as the previous owner removed the label, but I purchased it at Ampersand, my new favorite store!

What are you planning on wearing on vacation this summer?



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Polka Dots and The City

If you were to walk into my house just about now you would pass under a long roll of white paper held aloft by two large metal posts.  The large lights in the corner of the room would probably give you a hint as to the nature of the roll.  Since I started this blog last year my living room has been featured in a few photo shoots, but never quite like this.  The roll transforms into a white background for photography, so although it looks like I’m standing in the middle of the street in this chic black and white outfit, I’m actually standing in my living room.  Isn’t it amazing what can be done on the computer these days?

Credits: All the photographs were taken by my husband, Hugo Fonseca.  The dress is Diane Von Furstenburg purchased at my favorite consignment store, Ampersand. The scarf is by Oscar de la Renta via Nordstrom, the watch is from Target, and the bracelets are both from Loehmanns.


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