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Summer outfits and things worn at the beach

Sketches of Some Cute Outfits for Summer

cute outfits for summer - Fashion sketch

Back in June a number of my readers asked me to suggest some cute outfits for summer. I had all sorts of ideas, but then time got away from me. My children finished the school year and started their vacation. Freelance projects came my way and I juggled work with family outings and road trips. Summer is a busy time, so busy that I took some time off from the blog to refocus my energies. So here we are in August and I am finally answering my reader’s style questions with a few sketches of my favorite summer outfits. Continue Reading →

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Summer Fun: Ideas on how to stay cool and chic in the heat

Summer Fun - The Style Confessions
July is here! It’s time for summer fun. The long days this time of year make it possible to do so much more than usual. Sometimes all that daylight can be a bit overwhelming for me, so I’ve created a list of ideas for things to do, ways to beat the heat and suggestions on how to look fabulous as well. Enjoy! Continue Reading →

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The Little White Dress

The Little White Dress - The Style Confessions

The little white dress fashion trend is big this summer, but thats not the only reason to try out the look. White is reflective. It keeps you cool in the heat, and it looks fresh and pretty too. It’s not always easy to wear head to toe white like the chic ensembles I found for my All White Outfits Pinterest board, but a white cotton sundress is as easy as pie. I promise! Here I wear my dress with nude sandals, but it looks just as cute with basic black or any other neutral. In fact, white is considered the absence of color, and because of this there really isn’t a color it doesn’t look good with, so have fun pairing your little white dress with aqua, pink, coral, yellow, or any other fun summer bright.  Continue Reading →

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Printed Jeans – I love you!

Printed jeans – just the idea seems kind of silly, like some tacky 1980’s trend come back to haunt us. Oh wait, trousers with big floral prints WERE fashionable in the 1980’s. I think I might have blocked that out right along with shoulder pads and really big hair, two other looks that are currently moving back into style.

But the new print jeans seem more elegant than the old ones. First of all jeans fit so much better now that Spandex is woven together with the cotton fibers to create the new, stretchy denim. I remember a time when jeans as tight as the one’s I’m wearing in these photos had to be pulled on with the aid of a pair of pliers. Somewhere, in fact, I have a photo of a teenage me lying down flat on the floor in the hopes of getting a new pair of acid wash Guess jeans to zip. To say they were uncomfortable was putting it mildly, but I didn’t care. I was a teenager and it was The Look. Continue Reading →

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Farewell to summer

I look forward to summer all year. The long, relaxed, sunny days go by too quickly. I want to go back to the beach, dig my toes in the sand, and never say goodbye. But I can’t. The kids are back in school. The days get shorter and darker. Life goes on. Continue Reading →

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