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Summer outfits and things worn at the beach

The Italian Dress

Every time I wear this dress my mother exclaims “It looks so Italian!” Well, it should. It is Italian. This unusual printed cotton shirt dress was designed and manufactured in Italy by LaVia.  I picked it up at a local consignment shop last year.  I call it “My Italian Dress”. Continue Reading →

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A Simple Summer Outfit

A simple summer outfit is a necessity when the temperatures move into the 90’s and beyond. The late summer heat wave that hit Los Angeles in early August is continuing into its third week. Even at night it’s too hot for any kind of jacket or sweater. Jeans are out, shorts are in and the best jewelry is a dangly earring that barely touches your skin.  Recently I’ve been living in shorts, a camisole and sandals, with maybe a sheer white cotton blouse thrown over the outfit in case the air-conditioning gets too cold. Here I am in my favorite simple summer outfit. I’ve worn some version of it almost every day this week. Continue Reading →

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Fun on a Boogie Board

Have you ever gone boogieboarding? It’s enormously fun, which is why I’m grinning like crazy in the photo above.  I probably only caught three or four waves my last time out, but when I did get right on top of the wave and it shot me to the shore I screamed with delight. So did my kids and everyone else who had a boogie board that day. Continue Reading →

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Beat the Heat

Has it been warm in your neck of the woods? Darn it’s been as hot as heck here in Los Angeles. Every August the temperatures rise up to the high 90’s and every year I’m caught by surprise. You would think after years of living in a warm climate that I would be a pro at dressing for extreme heat, but I’m not. It doesn’t seem proper to go out in a swim suit but that’s all I want to wear when it’s 95 degrees in the shade. In fact, when I’m at home and the AC struggles to keep the indoor temperature at 85 I do just wander around the house in a bikini, but I have to put some clothes on to go out. Here’s an outfit that helped me beat the heat this summer. Continue Reading →

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Cut-off Denim Shorts – I Love You!

There are some trends that jump right out at me and yell “Buy me! Wear me! NOW!” but a more sensible part of me stops and says “Whoa girl, think about this one for a while.” Cut off denim shorts are that kind of trend. You see I wore short-shorts back in the early 1990’s. The fashion police say if you have been around for the trend the first time, it’s not for you the second time. (Though I cannot find who first quoted it, making me think these fashion police might just be an urban legend.) Continue Reading →

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