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Having a Happy Holiday Season

Holiday OutfitI love the holidays. The lights! The decorations! The parties! The shopping! Yes, call me a consumerist, but I love buying gifts for friends and family during the holidays. There are a lot of people on my list, and it gets very expensive, but I still love it. Having a happy holiday season is important to me. Last year I had a hard time overcoming the stresses of the season but this year I’m determined to stop worrying about how I’m going to get everything done. I’m going to get dressed up, go out and have fun!  Continue Reading →

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Staying Warm in a Furry Leopard Print Coat

Red jeans, leopard coatThis furry leopard print coat originally kept my grandmother warm and now I wear it to brave the California coast’s coldest weather. On the day I walked through San Francisco’s Chinatown I wore it with red jeans, comfortable chunky boots, a little black hat and gloves. It rained and stormed off and on throughout the day. The wind off the bay was icy and the rain came in sheets occasionally, but the coat kept me perfectly warm all day long. Continue Reading →

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A Faux Fur Jacket by the Bay

A Furry Jacket: The Style ConfessionsThis Christmas found me once again in the city by the bay. The sheer beauty of San Francisco never ceases to amaze me, but no matter how many times I visit I’m never, ever, prepared for the weather. My collection of Los Angeles-style cold weather clothing just doesn’t cut it. I reach for that sporty, warm, down-stuffed and quilted windbreaker that all the natives seem to be wearing and realize, oh, I don’t have one. Instead I have a collection of glamorous faux fur coats. Well, they’ll have to do! Continue Reading →

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Staying warm wearing burgundy and grey

Burgundy and plaid outfitAfter a blisteringly hot fall the temperatures in Los Angeles have finally cooled down, but in this land of extremes it goes without saying that the weather went from hot as Hades to icy cold in no more than a month. January is usually a beautiful time of year, and the blue skies and puffy white clouds I see every morning are no exception to the rule, but it’s cold. The low temperatures have been in the thirties recently. The daytime is usually a warmer than night, but as soon as the sun goes down whatever warmth those golden rays bring suddenly disappear.

Thankfully I’ve built a wardrobe that can handle high temperatures as well as fairly low ones. I’m not saying that I’m ready for a winter in Chicago, but over the years I’ve added some nice warm coats to keep the chill of January at bay. I bought this plaid beauty on sale a couple of years ago, and I relish the warm wool as much as the dark, muted, winter colors woven into the plaid. There’s something about burgundy and grey that feel so comforting this time of year. Tall boots and a long scarf keep the rest of me warm as well. Continue Reading →

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Color and Print Overload

Color Overload

I was exceptionally pleased with this outfit when I put it together. In my mind’s eye it seemed quite chic. The multicolored scarf looked beautiful with the bright teal knit blouse. The dark indigo cropped jeans set off the burgundy pumps nicely.  The blue jacket harmonized with the navy blue patent leather purse. Of course it should all go together! A quick check in the mirror confirmed my thoughts, and later that day my husband and I took a few minutes to photograph my newest fashion creation up in Griffith park. I couldn’t wait to see the resulting photos.

Later that day we looked through the images and I seriously wondered what was wrong with my fashion sense. The outfit was supposed to be a perfectly coordinated symphony of blues and greens highlighted with burgundy touches. Instead it was a cacophony of clashing elements. What went wrong? Continue Reading →

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