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My Red Velvet Dress

The Christmas DressIt was September of last year, just before the holiday dresses started showing up at retail, that I decided to buy a new dress for a dear friend’s wedding. The search was on, and search I did. The search soon became a quest when everything I picked out seemed just not quite right. I wanted red. I wanted a print. I wanted something different. When I came upon this pretty red velvet dress by Betsey Johnson there were only a few days left before the big event. I jumped on it. Continue Reading →

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The Return of the Bustier

One of the things I like about being a certain age is seeing trends I loved in high school come back into fashion.  Burgundy lipstick, neon colors, tight zipper-bottom jeans, shoulder pads, peplum jackets and yes, the sexy little bustier have all been enjoying a resurgence recently. The plaid bustier I’m wearing in this post does not come from the era of Madonna and Cindy Lauper. It’s new. Well, it’s new for me anyway. I purchased it on the cheap at a local resale store.

I have all sorts of happy memories of bustiers I owned and loved in the 1980’s.  There was the bright turquoise cotton one and the elegant black velvet one.  I so wish I had kept them because they would probably look fantastic now. Moral of the story?  If you have something great and it goes out of fashion keep it!  Store it in a bin at your grandparents house if you have to, but keep it.  One day it will all come back.

Back in the day I wore my bustiers with jeans. That would still be a great look today, but I wanted to try something more refined for this outfit, so I paired it with one of my most exciting finds of the year: a high-waisted knee-length denim pencil skirt. Denim skirts are not easy to find at retail, so as soon as I saw this I picked it up no questions asked. It was a little chilly so I threw on my other most exciting find of the year: an Ann Taylor black blazer that I found at the Goodwill for $24.

Here’s the second moral of the story.  If you’re on a budget seriously consider browsing your local thrift and resale stores. You never know what you might find.  If the idea of wearing used clothing gives you the willies, take it straight away to the dry cleaners.

Credits: These photos were taken by my husband Hugo at The Disney Center in downtown L.A. The raspberry beret has been in my closet since the early 1990’s, the sunnies are by Fendi, the jacket is by Ann Taylor via the Goodwill, the bustier is by “Silence + Noise” and it was purchased used at The Buffalo Exchange, the skirt is brand new from J Crew and the shoes are by Nine West.  In some of the photos you can see my new favorite black clutch peeking out behind me. It will be featured a lot in upcoming posts because I’ve been wearing it with everything!

I also want to thank all my readers who left such kind comments on my last post.  Like most women (maybe all women?) I too struggle with issues surrounding body image and self-confidence.  The post was actually very cathartic and I feel like I can move past a lot of issues and concerns I spoke about.  So thank you again for your support!

What do you think of the bustier trend?  Are there any trends happening now that you remember seeing the first time around?  If so do you intend to try it out again?

If you like this look I’ve found some similar pieces at

  • Theory Gabe B Blazer
  • Parker Strapless Silk Top
  • Parker Strapless Corset Top
  • Diesel Denim Pencil Skirt
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A Warm Cape for a Cold Winter Day

What better way to stay warm on a cold winter day than wearing a blanket around one’s shoulders?  Essentially this beautiful camel colored wool cape is a big, warm blanket, and it twirls!

It’s the little details that often make me fall in love with a garment, like the little metal tips on the tie of the cape…

…or the round handle on this vintage purse. (I have to tote it around as often as possible before spring arrives.)

I have a “thing” for scarves with horses printed on them.  I have no idea why. This pretty blush colored one is new but it feels vintage.

But do you know what I really love about this cape? My daughter is at that age when she’s become a bit embarrassed to be seen with her mother but the cape is so voluminous that no one can see her holding my hand under it. We spent the day wandering around hand in hand.  It was so sweet!

I do honestly love this cape and the cape trend in general.  I hope to find a few more to incorporate into my wardrobe in the future.  But other than the cape, which is fabulous, I have to say I’m not loving this outfit. (Hey this is supposed to be a confessional isn’t it?) Normally I wear an outfit a few times before I decide to feature it on the blog.  I really want to make sure everything I wear is fabulous and I think most of the time I look pretty good.  So what happened on this day?  Well, I was cold, and I was rushed, and I wanted to wear my cape.  I knew I’d be doing a lot of walking too.  So this all got thrown on together. Is it working?  Well, I don’t look like a complete freak, but I think I’ve put together better outfits. I like the total look of the clothes in the post Desert Casual a lot better.

  • Cape – A gift from my dear friend Ariane
  • Dress – J Crew, purchased at a resale store
  • Jeggings – Target
  • Boots – Enzo
  • Purse – Vintage
  • Scarf – Loehmans

Ever put on an outfit, walked out the door, and thought “What the heck happened this morning?” What do you think of the cape trend?  Have any?  How do you wear them?

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Dressing for winter while dreaming of spring


Photos of young women wearing bright colors and pastels fill the magazines, a reminder that spring in all its glory will be here soon. Until then we must make do with winter. This year the weather in Los Angeles has been especially cold and blustery.  Normally in early March I’m desperate for warmer weather so I can wear my bright-colored spring garments, but this time I’m trying something new.  This year I’m pretending it’s not March but September.  I’m reminding myself just how hot the weather has been, and how happy I am to feel rain on my face, to watch the clouds blow through the sky and feel a cool breeze on my skin.  Considering that the fashion world showed its new fall collections just recently it’s not all that difficult to get excited about deep colors, fur and heavy, warm fabrics.

This fall, like every fall, I invested in a few cold weather pieces to get me through the colder months ahead. When I purchased this faux fur jacket in early October I knew it wouldn’t be cold enough to wear it for a couple of months.  Now that it’s gotten chilly I’m so happy to have it.  Warm but lightweight, it’s one of the most useful garments in my closet right now. It goes with almost everything and as long as I’m not obsessing about spring colors I’m happy to have it on.

So bring on the dark brown, the black, the scarves and my little faux fur jacket!  It’s no longer autumn but the weather is acting like it is.  I’m pretending it’s fall and my dreams of a bright spring wardrobe can wait a little longer.



Jacket – Gallery, purchased at Nordrtrom

Scarf – purchased at Leohmanns, no tag

Purse – Baggallini

Dress – Rachel Roy

Tights – Target

Boots – Bandolino

Are you dreaming of spring or pretending it’s fall?

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The return of the ladylike suit

Suits were very popular in the 1980’s and early 1990’s and I absolutely loved the look.  As far as I was concerned a suit was the epitome of elegance and sophistication.  I purchased this Norma Kamali design in the early 1990’s after falling in love with the retro styling and velvet collar. I wore the suit quite a bit at the time, mostly for work but for parties and formal occasions too.  But fashion changes, and it wasn’t too long before suits were out and other things were in. I couldn’t let it go though.  After all, I changed into this suit at the end of my wedding to run off on my honeymoon with my new husband.  So it went into a bin and lived in the attic for a long time. Every so often I would pull the suit out of storage but it no longer fit. I couldn’t even get the skirt zipped. Still I kept hoping that one day I’d be able to wear it again.

With the popularity of Mad Men came the return of the lady-like look and I started to think about my beautiful houndstooth suit living up in the attic just waiting for the wheel of fashion to spin back around. This high-waisted pencil skirt and matching jacket goes so well with the retro trend. Even shoulder pads are coming back into style.  So I pulled down the suit, removed it from its plastic bag, and tried on again. It fit!  I’m rather amazed that I’m now wearing the same size I wore in my early 20’s.  Unfortunately some moths got into the wool during its stay in storage.  There’s a big hole in the skirt, but thankfully the jacket was not damaged.

Here’s how I styled the skirt for a Saturday brunch date with my husband.  Looking at the photos I feel I could use some bright shoes and maybe seamed stockings to make the ensemble even more fun, but I’m pleasantly surprised to see how current this 20-year-old suit looks today.

I no longer have s skinny belt that fits. The waistband includes belt loops and it looks naked without a belt in there. I’m actually wearing a removable purse strap around my waist.

As much as I love this outfit I must tell you that I got a lot of stares.  Clothing has become so casual these days that I really looked dressed up in comparison to everyone around me.

  • Suit – Norma Kamali
  • Blouse – Black House White Market
  • Beret – vintage
  • Shoes – purchased at “Off Broadway” for a song

Do you have anything from years ago that you still keep in case it comes back into fashion? Do you ever wear suits outside of work?


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