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Tomato Red and the Daily Drawing Challenge

Sketch of a girl Tomato red, coral, or tangerine, whatever you call this orange-red color I’m suddenly obsessed! It started the other day at an event at Otis College of Art and Design. I spied a woman wearing head-to-toe black except for a bright tomato red statement necklace. She was sooooo chic. On closer inspection I realized her nails and lipstick were the same orange-red color.  I pulled up the courage to talk to her and found out that the necklace, lipstick and nail polish matched perfectly because they were made to be worn together. J Crew sold all three to coordinate with each other. We both agreed that J Crew was brilliant and that her necklace was pretty fabulous. We weren’t allowed to take photos at the event so I went home and drew her look from memory.  Continue Reading →

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Finding Time for Creativity

Time for creativityThe one thing I don’t have enough of is TIME. I never, ever, have enough time. The day is just too short and my “to do” list too long. But even though I don’t have enough time to do all the things I want to do, I have to find time, somewhere and somehow, for creativity. As a designer I need to do this for my business, so in some ways it’s probably easier for me to make drawing and sketching a priority than it would be for someone who works  in say, accounting. But even if you don’t work in a creative field, creativity is still important. Making something new, with your hands, is good for the soul. I believe strongly creating something relieves stress and makes us happier. So I find time. Here are five tips to help you find time for creativity. Continue Reading →

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A Summer Party Dress

In June two good friends eloped to Las Vegas.  When they returned to L.A. they set about organizing an elegant party to celebrate their wedding. Maybe it’s that two people are starting a new life together, maybe it’s a completely irrational desire for something new to wear to a celebration, but there is something about a wedding that begs for a new frock.

I had dresses I could have worn to the reception, but my colorful dresses weren’t formal enough for the occasion and I still hold to the idea that it’s inappropriate to wear black to a wedding.   I knew just what I wanted to wear.  I wanted a navy  blue strapless cocktail length dress in linen.  Now the problem was finding it.

It is not easy for me to find dresses that fit correctly.  They’re usually too tight in the hips and too loose at the waist.  I’ve pretty much given up looking for fitted dresses at retail. It seemed like the best thing I could do was to find a pattern and sew the dress myself.  There was a lull between freelance projects at the time, so I got out the sewing machine and set about finding a pattern, fabric and notions.

I used Simplicity pattern 2212 (You can see it here.) and found the fabric at “Mood” fabrics here in L.A. (If you live in the area and you haven’t been to Mood go check it out! It’s fabulous.) The ensemble consists of a dress and matching belt.

I didn’t take any photos before the actual reception and I was too busy having fun at the party to ask my husband to take some outfit shots.  These photos were taken before my Father-in-Law’s birthday party this July.


  • Linen Strapless Dress – made by me!
  • Scarf – Echo
  • Sandals – Donna Karan
  • Jacket – Marni
  • Earrings – Target

Do you ever become so frustrated by what’s available at retail that you decide to take matters into your own hands and start sewing? Do you share my desire to always wear something new to a wedding?

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