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New year, new panties

PantiesIf you don’t do it, you should. With all the focus we pay to collecting wonderful shoes, beautiful purses and the perfect jeans we often forget about the items that go underneath it all. Updating the underwear drawer is a yearly essential, and although one can spend a lot of money on such things, inexpensive alternatives are available. So why not get rid of your old, yucky, panties (I don’t need to go into more visual descriptions do I?) and buy some pretty new ones to go under all your fabulous outfits? I promise you’ll feel prettier and more feminine immediately.  Continue Reading →

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New Earrings

Pretty earrings by Monet

Remember when I said my new year’s resolution was to buy more earrings? Well, I’ve been doing GREAT with that goal! I guess one way to make sure you realize all those yearly ambitions is to make them enjoyable, and shopping for fashion accessories is FUN. Well, I think it’s fun. What makes these pretty earrings especially nice isn’t just the elegant packaging or the sophisticated designs, at $22 a pair they’re also a great price. Oh, and they were on sale to boot. Lucky me. Want to know where I found them? Perhaps you’ll be surprised, but maybe not. Keep reading to find out.  Continue Reading →

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Natural Sunscreen – My New Favorites

Natural Sunscreen by Kiss My Face

Last week summer marched into fall, not that anyone would know from the weather here in southern California. Most people in the U.S. are putting their sunscreen away for next year, but I use it year-round. For those of you who live in sunny climates like mine this post is for you! This summer I found a whole new line of sun protection products that I love. My new favorite natural sunscreen is by Kiss My Face .  Continue Reading →

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Shoe Shopping Online

Online Shoe ShoppingMy biggest problem with shoe shopping is not finding my size, it’s finding shoes I like! I want my shoes, sandals and boots to be simultaneously chic, comfortable, and flattering on my 9.5 size feet. I can’t abide really high heels, but I still like to wear a bit of a heel just because it is so flattering to the leg. Oh, and sling-backs are out. They push my toes forward and drive me crazy. To make all this even more complicated I need to find shoes that fit my budget. I can’t tell you how many fabulous shoes I’ve seen in the designer section of Barney’s, but $2,000 for a pair of shoes is beyond my means. All of this sends me shoe shopping online because I often cannot find what I want  at my local retail stores. Going online means I can find a much larger selection of styles and prices to fit my taste and my wallet. Take for instance the selection above. It only took me a few minutes of online shoe shopping to find four pairs of sandals I would LOVE to find in my closet this summer.  Continue Reading →
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Window Shopping the Spring Trends

Neon colors in the window at BarneysWindow shopping is one of my favorite past times. Sometimes I just want to get out and be inspired, so I take a stroll through the local mall and gaze at the window displays. The spring trends for 2013 seemed boring when I saw them in the fashion shows and magazines, but I’m enamored of the new looks now that I see in store windows. The minimalism that walked down the runway has been transformed into something fun with bright colors. Meanwhile, classic navy stripes bring some seriousness to all the joyful prints and hot colors. Continue Reading →

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