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The New JCPenney Store is Pretty Fab!

The new JCP is pretty fab! The Style ConfessionsA few weeks ago I got a really cool new catalog in the mail. I was surprised that the clean grid layout, chic clothes and bright colors belonged to JCPenney.

I made a commitment to visit the JCPenny store. According to my mother-in-law there was one at the Glendale Galleria, but she didn’t seem very interested in shopping at Pennies. Still, she agreed to go with me and a few weeks later my mother-in-law and sister-in-law headed out on a shopping expedition.  Continue Reading →

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Reconsidering Southwestern Style


Is fringe coming back in fashion? The iconic southwestern style of fringed jackets, moccasins, jeans and turquoise jewelry come in and out of fashion fairly regularly, and I feel like we’re in for another reinvention of this classic American look. Maybe I’ve been looking at too many Free People catalogs but I’m starting to warm up to fringe.  Recently I’ve noticed some cute southwestern inspired looks on the street and I flirted with a suede fringe jacket at at a local thrift store too. Fringed boots and sandals aren’t usually my thing, but when Minnetonka Moccasins contacted me to write a post for them I went over to their site to look around and rather liked what I saw.  Continue Reading →

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THIS is JC Penney?

JC Penney Catalogue March 2013
In 1902 JC Penney started in Wyoming as a dry goods store selling blue jeans, shoes fabric and sewing supplies to frontier miners, farmers and their families (source). That was a long time ago. “Pennies” has since grown into a large chain of department stores. Like Sears, another American icon, it’s had it’s ups and downs. The last time I wandered into a JCP I was greeted by a sad, dingy environment and frumpy clothes. That was several years ago and the store has long since closed it’s doors for good. Continue Reading →

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Frangi Pangi Pantyhose

pantyhosse-11Peggy Olsen wears them under her prim little suits on Mad Men. The Duchess of Cambridge doesn’t wear a skirt or dress without them. What are they? Pantyhose of course! And although I don’t wear them very often I love how they make my legs look. So when Frangi Pangi contacted me and asked if I would like to review their pantyhose I thought, why not? Continue Reading →

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The Pea Coat

Pea Coat

Back in the early 90’s when I was in school studying fashion design the pea coat was all the rage. I’m pretty sure I had one in black. The look has returned recently, especially for men. I hope you enjoy this post, brought to you by Cult Clothing, on the subject of the classic but now trendy pea coat. Continue Reading →

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