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Environ Skin Care: A Mini Review

Environ Skin Care Review: Ionzyme Focus Hydrating Serum

A couple of months ago I was asked to review a beauty product line I had never heard of before, Environ Skin Care. The reason for my ignorance became apparent once it arrived in the mail; Environ is only sold through a dermatologist’s office. It’s also rather expensive. Because of the price tag and exclusivity of the line my expectations were higher than usual. I mean, this stuff must be really great, right? I was intrigued. Continue Reading →

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My Cute Tote Bags

Cute tote bags - Vintage Shoe PrintIs it a bag? Is it a shoe? No its…an art tote! I have three of these cute tote bags in different designs. One is covered with drawings of vintage cameras. One is a collage of retro beach postcard art. My newest is covered in shoes, shoes, shoes! My sense of whimsy revels in these bags, which I carry with me with pride as if it was the newest “it” bag. These totes are charming, durable and affordable, they’re also made of recycled materials. Continue Reading →

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Shoe Shopping Online

Online Shoe ShoppingMy biggest problem with shoe shopping is not finding my size, it’s finding shoes I like! I want my shoes, sandals and boots to be simultaneously chic, comfortable, and flattering on my 9.5 size feet. I can’t abide really high heels, but I still like to wear a bit of a heel just because it is so flattering to the leg. Oh, and sling-backs are out. They push my toes forward and drive me crazy. To make all this even more complicated I need to find shoes that fit my budget. I can’t tell you how many fabulous shoes I’ve seen in the designer section of Barney’s, but $2,000 for a pair of shoes is beyond my means. All of this sends me shoe shopping online because I often cannot find what I want  at my local retail stores. Going online means I can find a much larger selection of styles and prices to fit my taste and my wallet. Take for instance the selection above. It only took me a few minutes of online shoe shopping to find four pairs of sandals I would LOVE to find in my closet this summer.  Continue Reading →
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Rediscovering Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules - The Style ConfessionsUntil now I have never tried an Elizabeth Arden beauty product. It always seemed like an “older lady” line of cosmetics and serums, the sort of thing one of my wealthier friends’ mothers would use. Now that I have a preteen daughter it seems that I’ve become someone’s mother, though not the wealthy sort unfortunately. Perhaps that’s why I find the luxe gold packaging so appealing now. Of course, if the serums in the elegant gold and red boxes didn’t work I wouldn’t find much use for them, but this is a case of being able to tell the book by the cover. What’s inside is just as elegant and luxe as the packaging would suggest.  Continue Reading →

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Sparkly, sparkly…

Emerald ringsAlthough most of the time I only wear a simple gold wedding band I love looking at rings and ring designs. So many interesting details on such a small space! I’m especially enamored of colored stones, but like most women there’s a soft spot in my heart for diamonds too. Continue Reading →

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