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Harajuku, Little Tokyo, and Me

Harajuku in Los AngelesI don’t pretend to understand Harajuku, the eclectic fashion that originated in Japan and spread across the world. Well, its spread to Los Angeles anyway. I say I don’t understand it not because I don’t understand it’s appeal, I love it, but because I don’t think I could put together the dizzy display of dozens of details all in one outfit, including wig, printed dress with contrasting petticoats, wild shoes and various adorable knickknacks worn as fashion accessories. I’d feel silly, but the girls in the “Lolita” ensembles in the Little Tokyo shopping mall in downtown Los Angeles looked charming.  Continue Reading →

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The Gallery Opening

Anne Bray's Gallery OpeningA couple of weeks ago I went to Anne M. Bray’s art show reception at Tag Gallery in Santa Monica. My husband, Hugo, met me there. The gallery is located in the Bergomot Station Art Center,  a large industrial complex that was once a stop for the Red Line Trolley. The trolley is long gone, but the crowds still decent upon the area, only now they’re looking for artwork instead of a ride to the ocean. Anne’s gallery opening coincided with a number of other events which made for a crazed parking lot scene, lot of great people watching and some wonderful art, of course. Continue Reading →

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San Francisco Street Style – Fashion Accessories

A couple days ago I wrote about street style in San Francisco, but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t fixate on fashion accessories. This post is all about the interesting, practical, and unusual ways the people who live in the City by the Bay accessorize their clothes.

Cozy Hats

Hats are worn by pretty much everyone in San Francisco.  It’s can be rather cold, so a hand knitted something is always appropriate, no matter how unusual.

Practical Shoes

San Francisco is a hilly, beautiful city and everyone walks everywhere. As a result footwear is almost always of the practical sort. I noticed leather flip-flops were a favorite.

Fashion Accessories – Purses, backpacks and other totes

I love purses, and the ones slung over the shoulders of the people I saw on the street in San Francisco were both practical and unique. The woman in the photo below carried both a leather shoulder bag and a big floral tote, because you can never have enough space when you’re on the go!

A large purple backpack is a good choice when traveling by skateboard.

Los Angeles isn’t the only place where women choose to express their style with a status tote.

The super-long shoulder bag worn with super long hair.

But my favorite bag seen on the street was this one-shoulder see-though yellow pack worn over an all-black outfit.  Loved it!

For more fashion in The City, check out my review of the fashion exhibit I saw while I was there: “Balenciaga and Spain”.

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San Francisco Street Style

A  couple of months ago I read a blog post about San Francisco style complete with numerous photos of gorgeous young women wearing 5″ platform sandals and strapless sundresses.  They looked great but I couldn’t picture any of them in the generally foggy, cool, hilly city where I was born. So, on my most recent trip to the Bay area I toted along my camera in the hopes of capturing some REAL San Francisco street style.

San Francisco street style varies with the neigborhood

The fashion scene in “The City” changes depending upon the neighborhood.  Often each area has it’s own unique feel. People downtown tend to dress more formally, and you’ll usually see your trendiest looks there. For instance, the girls wearing the striped outfits in the photo above were enjoying a sunny moment near the Ferry Building in the downtown area.  Meanwhile, in the photo below a casual group in jeans and T-shirts strolls a street near the Haight Ashbury.

Comfortable Shoes

San Francisco is known for it’s hills.  It’s also a city that encourages walking and the use of public transportation. As a result it’s really rare to see anyone in high heels.  Sneakers, like the converse seen on the street car in the photo above, or other sensible walking shoes are the footwear of choice for both men and women. The wedge sandals on the girl below were some of the highest heels I saw the whole week and a half of my stay.

Layer Up!

The weather in the City by the Bay is mercurial.  It can be cold and drizzly near the ocean and change to warm and sunny by the end of a streetcar ride.  As a result people tend to dress in layers like the couple below.

Does San Francisco have Style?

Recently Danielle Steel, on of San Francisco’s more famous residents, told the Wall Street Journal that:

San Francisco is a great city to raise children, but I was very happy to leave it,…There’s no style, nobody dresses up—you can’t be chic there. It’s all shorts and hiking books and Tevas—it’s as if everyone is dressed to go on a camping trip. I don’t think people really care how they look there; and I look like a mess when I’m there, too.

Although I can see her point of view, I really don’t agree.  San Francisco residents have their own look that relates perfectly to their surroundings and lifestyle.  Although a lot of people live in their jeans and fleece jackets, I saw a lot of very chic ensembles.  The woman below is clean and crisp in a white dress with black accessories.

The woman in the photo below looks elegant in an all-neutral outfit.

Quite a few women were wearing cut out shirts with inserts of lace. The young woman in the photo below is a perfect example of the eclectic but practical style that I expect to see in San Francisco.

San Francisco is a unique place.  I don’t expect the residents to look like they live in Paris, L.A. or New York.  In fact, I think it would be quite boring if they did.

If you’ve been to San Francisco or you live there what do you think of the style?  Looking at my photos do you think Danielle Steel is correct of is she just being a snob?

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Saturday’s Sartorialist

A day in the life of the photographer known of as “The Sartorialist”. It’s only a few minutes long, and worth it just for the girl who is all snotty about letting him photograph her, until the woman standing next to her tells her who he is.  Then she’s all smiles and charm. Don’t you just love snobbery?


Some of you who follow my blog on reader or Bloglovin might have noticed this was up last Saturday too, but the code for the video didn’t work. Hopefully the one above will. Enjoy!

Did you like the video? What’s your favorite part?



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