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What to wear to a picnic in Los Angeles

The weather could not have been more beautiful for this picnic in Los Angeles. The 2nd annual “Two Point Oh! L.A.” picnic at Griffith Park was organized by Kelsi Smith, the blogger behind “Dedicated Follower of Fashion”. She created  the Two Point Oh! LA community to help local bloggers connect in real life.  Although I joined the group late last year this is the first event I’ve actually been able to attend, and I’m so glad I did. First of all, after tweeting and interacting on facebook for months, I finally met Kelsi in real life. Here we are together.

Secondly, the people watching was great.  I so want one of these sheer black maxi skirts.

Floral prints and floppy hats were worn in abundance at this picnic in Los Angeles.

Quite a few of my fellow L.A. bloggers were sporting stripes.

One of the most popular fashion accessories was the DSLR camera.  Almost everyone had one!

Speaking of accessories, how cool are these studded high tops worn by Cuitlahuac Gonzalez, a.k.a. “Mr Cuit”. Check out his blog “Formalities.  It’s as cool as his shoes.

One of the best things about the picnic, however, wasn’t just the people watching.  I love meeting new people, especially when those people share a lot of my interests.  Below is Sandra Mendoza-Daly, who owns a vintage clothing store called “Debutante Clothing”. Don’t you just love her hot pink stripe dress?

I did laugh out loud, a lot actually. It really was fun.

Do you belong to a local bloggers group? Have you gone to any local blogging events? If so, what do you think of them?

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Women’s Purses

Women’s purses hold our daily necessities like keys, phone, wallet and makeup, but a purse so much more than just a utilitarian catch-all.  The bag you throw on your shoulder before heading out the door completes your outfit, adding that final element. I love looking at what other women wear, but I find which handbag or tote they choose to carry really fascinating.  Is it big or small?  Practical or whimsical?  Here are a few I have seen this month on the streets of Los Angeles.

This week I headed to the “Temporary Contemporary” as it’s known hereabouts, (so named because it was meant to house the Modern Museum of Art only while the real one was being built) to see “Art on the Streets“, an exhibit on graffiti and street art. If you live in L.A. it really is worth seeing!  Street art and street style overlap quite frequently, as you can see from this display. Remember these?

Designer Purses on Display

I still haven’t gotten the hang of snapping shots incognito and it does make me feel a little weird. The nice thing about taking photos of women’s purses in an art museum is that people are taking photos anyway, so no one really notices you.

Women’s Purses and the Tribal Trend

I’ve seen this tribal-woven-bag type of purse both on the streets and in the stores. I’m not sure it’s “me” but I do like it on other women. I like the way the stripes on this woman’s jumpsuit are complimented by the geometric design on her purse.

The Big Purse

Personally I’m really bored of the big bag with double strap trend. It’s not because I don’t like the look, I do, I’ve just seen so many women wearing it over the last few years. Every once in a while someone really does it right, and I can’t help but reassess my thoughts on the matter. This girl’s whole outfit was great, down to her cowboy hat, but her strappy black purse with all it’s metal details made the look sing.

The Backpack Purse

I’ve seen some great purses this month, but usually the wearer is too fast for me and I can’t get out my phone in time to grab a shot.  Sometimes it’s just too good to pass up though. I just had to ask for a photo of this girl’s vintage leather backpack.

What do you think?  See any bags you like?

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