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How should I wear a tulle skirt?

Fashion sketch of a tulle skirtAnne wants to know what I would do if I suddenly found a big tulle skirt in my closet:

The scenario: You just got a tulle skirt from me. You have been craving one, but thought maybe is was too tutu for your style. You’re determined to try wearing it at least once. Don’t worry, you don’t have to prance down 5th Ave like Carrie Bradshaw. You can go to a party in it. Ready, set, SKETCH! 😉

The thing is, I HAVE been craving a tulle skirt, for ages actually. I Love tulle skirts! So far my obsession has only gone as far as collecting images of tulle skirts on my Pinterest board How to Wear a Tutu. I also styled and modeled a friend’s tulle skirt for the post How to Wear a Tulle Skirt, but I don’t have one of my own. Continue Reading →

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The Pink Dress – A Versatile Wardrobe Staple?

Pink Dress - The Style Confessions

When I think about a pink dress, I don’t immediately think of a wardrobe basic, and yet I can’t tell you how often I reach for this little strapless printed jersey frock. It’s easy to wear and surprisingly goes with just about everything. Continue Reading →

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What Should I Wear to my Sweet Sixteen Party?

Sweet Sixteen by Heather FonsecaAlvita is celebrating her sweet 16! She wants some ideas on what to wear:

I am a teenager and I’m going to be 16 year old this month. I am going to celebrate my party with my friends. I hope you can give me inspiration because I have no idea! I’m super thin and I usually dress casually. I like something colourful. Thank you:)

What did I wear to my sweet sixteen party? You know, it’s sad because I don’t remember. My birthday party was a little lunch with a few of my friends at a nice restaurant. I wanted a mega-blow-out dance party like the one’s my friends all seemed to be having, but I didn’t get one. (It’s OK. Later on I got to live in Paris.) I probably wore something pretty but casual, but I can’t recall, and that’s why I’m going to suggest you wear something fun, dressy and special. This is a special day. You want to remember the occasion. Dress for it! Continue Reading →

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Matching Hawaiian Outfits for a Fancy Dress Party

Matching Hawaiian Outfits: A Fashion Illustration by Heather FonsecaRosario will be attending a fun fancy dress party where each couple wears matching outfits. Here’s her question:

Hi Heather, My husband and I will be attending a dress up party July 1st where each couple must dress identically. Last years party most people dressed in blue jeans, lots of cowboy boots and even some skirts. (My hubby won’t wear a skirt or dress so that is definitely out of the question!) This is such a great party that you never want it to end so dressing comfortably is something to be considered. Continue Reading →

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Top Hair Accessories for Summer 2013

Eloise - mint green wild rose clip

Eloise – mint green wild rose clip by Faylyn

Please welcome back Amanda, who has written this guest post about some pretty hair accessories to wear this summer.

It’s safe to call hair accessories the cherry on top of the cake when it comes to your outfit. As with any other accessory item, hair accessories come in various designs, colors, themes and trends. For summer 2013, there are a lot of unique pieces available that’ll go with different hairstyles. From color barrettes to floral headbands, a good choice can make you stand out even if you go out with a sloppy pony thrown up at the last minute. Here are some pretty hair accessories to wear this summer.

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