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How should I wear a grey boyfriend jacket?

Illustration of a boyfriend jacket and jeans: Style Sketches™ byt The Style ConfessionsI’ve been hearing a lot about the boyfriend jacket fashion trend recently, so I wasn’t surprised when Greetje sent me this question for the Style Sketches™ series:

I am tall, size Large although I appear to be size zero because I have skinny long arms and nice long legs. No hips, no bum and a so-so waist….I have a grey boyfriend jacket which is not my color either. I need bright colours near my face. I have done so many things to make it work. Any ideas? Or should I have left this look to small girls? I saw a much shorter girl in the shop wearing it and it looked great on her. Surprise me. I am 5 ft 7.

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What style of jacket should I buy this season?

Fashion Illustration of a floral Jacket - The Style Confessions

A couple of weeks ago Colleen asked me this question for the Style Sketches™ series:

I want to buy a jacket (blazer). What’s the one style that is most useful/versatile? A boyfriend jacket? Something more fitted? Something shorter or longer? What color would get the most use? I guess I’m looking for that one piece that every closet should have. Continue Reading →

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What to Wear with a Leather Skirt

Fashion Illustration of a long black leather skirt

A couple weeks ago Greetje asked me what to wear with a leather skirt. Hers is especially unusual because it’s very long and strait.

Another difficult one. You can leave this one as it is not on trend. Or perhaps it will be this winter (I hope so). My long leather pencil skirt.. You can see it here: Leather Skirt and A Kimono, and at the end of this post: Fashion Failures with a Big Black Sweater.  It is a wrap skirt, so there is a big knot at the side of the skirt which makes it difficult to style. I tried a top inside the skirt, that was sort of OK but it is a lot of black and only 1/4 colour at the top. However, if I put something over the skirt, the knot is in the way with something fitted or it is wide on wide and I look ridiculous. Difficult one this one. Haha! –  Greetje Continue Reading →

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How should I accessorize a black maxi skirt and lace blouse?

Style Sketches™ Accessories for a black maxi skirt

I’ll be wearing a black maxi skirt with a white lace blouse to a dinner. Any suggestions for accessories? Gracias! Alma

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What should I wear on a date with my husband?

Style Sketches™ stripe dress at The Style Confessions

What should I wear the day after Marc’s wedding for a day with my husband before we pick up the kids (and assuming we’ve had FUN the night before)???? Continue Reading →

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