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How to Pack for Vacation

Fashion Illustration: How to Pack for VacationAt a young age my mother taught me how to pack for a vacation. Her technique took at least two weeks, over which time she would put out all her luggage on an unused table. Slowly the suitcases would fill up with the perfect wardrobe, toiletries and other sundries. I don’t need to tell you she never forgot a toothbrush or a hairbrush, or anything else for that matter. My mother was organized and disciplined when it came to packing. She still is. Unfortunately I don’t have the spare table where I can set aside all my vacation items. I must rely on carefully prepared lists, but even these have failed me, like the time I left behind my son’s security blanket. I don’t think he or I slept at all that vacation. Continue Reading →

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Traveling with Different Fashion Trends

Street style

Photo by JYF via Flickr
Please welcome my guest post writerAmanda Green, who tells us her story about living in different parts of the United States and how fashion and style changed as she moved from place to place. Continue Reading →
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The coldest winter I ever spent…

…was a summer in San Francisco. This quote has always been attributed to Mark Twain, so it’s a shame he didn’t say it. Someone did though, and it’s understandable to anyone who’s ever visited the city by the bay. The neighborhoods near the ocean are almost always foggy and cold, but I don’t think I’ve ever been quite as surprised by the freezing winds as I was the sunny, warm day when my husband and I visited  Fort Point. It was still sunny, but it wasn’t warm anymore. Continue Reading →

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California Style

Head to any beach town in California and I promise you two things: The unassuming shack a few blocks from the beach does have the best hamburgers in town and most of the people in line will be wearing cut off jeans and flip-flops or bathing suits. It seems like California style becomes more casual the closer you get to the sand, and right on the shore is about as relaxed as possible. Maybe it’s the sound of the waves that puts everyone in a tank top, shorts and sandals kind of mood. Maybe it’s all the sunshine. Whatever. It works for me. Continue Reading →

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Surf and Stripes


This summer my family and I spent a week camping on the beach near the charming town of Carpenteria. I packed all my bathing suits, including this ruffly stripe one by Kenneth Cole Reaction. I also did a bit of shopping prior to the trip as I wanted to be well supplied with cover-ups and other beach camping essentials. Among the new purchases were several white shirts from the Goodwill and other local thrift stores.  This one is made of a nice, medium-weight cotton but it has a few pen marks on the sleeves. It doesn’t matter. It didn’t stay on long enough for anyone to notice. The waves were much too enticing. Continue Reading →

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