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A Tweed Skirt and the City: an Outfit Video

Tweed Skirt, Black blouse, Outfit VideoHere I am wearing an outfit of two new pieces: a fabulous tweed skirt by Tahari and a beautiful sheer black blouse from DKNY. Although they’re new to me they’re not new to the world. The blouse and skirt are both hand-me-downs from my auntie.  For many years my aunt worked as a salesperson in the designer department at Macy’s in downtown San Francisco. She augmented her wardrobe with high-end pieces bought on deep sale. Some things she loved and wore all the time, some things weren’t quite “her” but they were too good of a deal to pass up. This skirt and blouse both fell into that category. To say I love them is putting it mildly. The skirt in particular is sooooo wonderful. I’ve been obsessed with tweed since I was old enough to know what it was, but wearing such heavy fabrics is difficult living in such a warm climate. This skirt is rather lightweight, and the little bit of fur trim make it extra special, don’t you think? To see the outfit in motion check out the little video, below.  Continue Reading →

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Having a Happy Holiday Season

Holiday OutfitI love the holidays. The lights! The decorations! The parties! The shopping! Yes, call me a consumerist, but I love buying gifts for friends and family during the holidays. There are a lot of people on my list, and it gets very expensive, but I still love it. Having a happy holiday season is important to me. Last year I had a hard time overcoming the stresses of the season but this year I’m determined to stop worrying about how I’m going to get everything done. I’m going to get dressed up, go out and have fun!  Continue Reading →

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Printed Jeans for Fall

Printed Jeans for FallLast year I wandered through my local department store sighing over all the fabulous printed jeans for fall. I loved them, but the first wave of the trend was expensive and, worse, super-low rise. As much as I loved the printed jeans trend I had to wait until someone made a pair that didn’t induce the dreaded muffin top. This year I found them. They’re made by NYDJ, my favorite denim brand. This new “legging” style, which you can see in this affiliate link, fit like a glove and look fabulous. Well, I think so anyway. In fact, I liked the style so much I bought the jeans in three colors! I almost never buy in multiples, but they looked so good I couldn’t help myself. I bought the jeans in black and a dark denim wash, and I’ve already worn them several times, but my favorite pair are the ones you see above. They’re covered in a dark blue tapestry inspired print. Continue Reading →

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Harajuku, Little Tokyo, and Me

Harajuku in Los AngelesI don’t pretend to understand Harajuku, the eclectic fashion that originated in Japan and spread across the world. Well, its spread to Los Angeles anyway. I say I don’t understand it not because I don’t understand it’s appeal, I love it, but because I don’t think I could put together the dizzy display of dozens of details all in one outfit, including wig, printed dress with contrasting petticoats, wild shoes and various adorable knickknacks worn as fashion accessories. I’d feel silly, but the girls in the “Lolita” ensembles in the Little Tokyo shopping mall in downtown Los Angeles looked charming.  Continue Reading →

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My New Leopard Pencil Skirt

Leopard Pencil SkirtWhen the leopard print trend first hit the scene a few years back I was obsessed with it, but I also thought it would be a flash-in-the-pan. One season, maybe two, and that will be that, I thought. I was so wrong. Every fall the designers come out with more leopard print and this year it feels as fresh and fun as it did a few years back. I’m in love with leopard print again. My new leopard pencil skirt helps to fuel the love. I found it at my favorite local consignment store on sale, so it was a double bargain. None of that would matter if it didn’t fit well, but this Elie Tahari skirt hugs my hips like it was made for me. I couldn’t be more excited about it. Check out the video to see what I mean.

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