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Fall Makeup: Tea Rose and Black Cherry

As the days get short and chilly I find myself attracted to the calming, romantic shades of dusty rose and dark berries. Bright color and glitter seem a bit too much for this calm before the holiday storm, so I reach for my favorite matte eye shadows to subtly enhance my eyes and paint my lips a dark, mysterious berry. A hint of rosy blush on my cheeks finishes this simple fall makeup look. Continue Reading →

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Tips for a Long Lasting Manicure

Me and My Problematic Nails

I have weak, soft nails. They split and peel and as a general rule won’t grow much past the tips of my fingers, but what’s really irritating is that nail polish just won’t stay on them. It often chips a day after application. For years I just thought this was normal and that everyone had the same problem. Then I met women whose manicures lasted a week or more (not the popular gel manicure, by the way, just a regular nail-polish manicure). Why? They have thick, strong nails.

I seems logical that if some women have found nail polish that lasts longer than two days then I should be able to do the same, even with my soft, bendy, nails. So over the last year I have looked around, tried new products, read online reviews and asked for opinions on nail polish at nail salons and beauty boutique. After a great deal of this very non-scientific research here are my results, and my tips for a long-lasting manicure and beautiful nails.

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links imbedded in this site. If you purchase a product from one of these links I will receive a small commission, however, I do use all these products and purchased each of them with my own money. Continue Reading →

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Early Fall Makeup Favorites

I’m having a love affair with olive green this month. No, I’m not sure why either. It probably has something to do with the camouflage military jackets all the cute girls are wearing for the street style photographers.  Bronze goes with olive green like leopard print and denim, or pumpkin pie and whipped cream.  Sparkly olive green, dark glittery orange, and gold harmonize beautifully. These are the shades I covet at the moment. I’m thankful that makeup companies are so sensitive to my color moods because they make it quite easy for me to indulge in these fall makeup obsessions without breaking the bank. Continue Reading →

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An Elegant and Affordable Makeup Kit by NYX

I love makeup kits. I love them so much that the bulk of the eyeshadows live together in pretty trios and cute little palettes with slide out compartments. Single eyeshadow pods look so lonely and uninteresting in comparison.

You would think that with my love of makeup that I would spend a lot of money on eyeshadow, but I don’t. I have a terrible time shelling out more than $10 on eyeshadow. I feel that expensive eyeshadow should somehow be both perfectly wearable yet exciting and fabulous. I generally find that the flat, taupe and cream shades that are the most practical are not exciting, and the exciting fun colors are not practical. So no matter how hard I look at the department stores I end up back in the makeup aisle at my local ULTA checking out my favorite Physician’s Formula matte quads or Wet & Wild trios. I don’t feel guilty buying bland colors if they’re affordable and wearable, and if I mistakenly buy a fun color that doesn’t work I’m not out a bunch of money. When I can find a beautiful bargain eyeshadow trio that performs like a pro, oh how happy that makes me. (Good quality makeup can be affordable.  Check out my favorite inexpensive cosmetics here: The Ten Best Makeup Items at the Drugstore) Continue Reading →

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Summer Makeup Favorites

It’s now late August. Summer is winding down. Autumn fashion fills the stores and the beauty blogs review the deliciously dark makeup colors of fall. Unfortunately, here in Los Angeles the weather isn’t playing nice. It’s still high summer hereabouts and will be for a while. Thankfully I found some great new summer makeup items this season. These new favorites are helping me to look attractive through the heat waves that keep pounding the southland.

Disclosure: I haven’t been paid to post this article. I bought all this makeup with my own money and use each one frequently. However, affiliate links are imbedded in the post. If you buy any of this makeup through the link I’ll receive a small commission. Thanks for your support! Continue Reading →

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