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Big Hair! An Ongoing Obsession.

Big Hair! The products.I am always amazed by women who have naturally thick, full, wavy, tresses. Big hair like that only exists in my dreams. It certainly doesn’t exist on my head. My hair is fine, strait, and pretty much lifeless. This has led to a lifelong quest for products that will give my hair body and volume. I own two sets of hot rollers, a curling wand with a brush and the prerequisite quasi-professional hair dryer. Although I’ve never found a shampoo that does much more than clean my hair, I have found foams, gels and sprays that help to give my lifeless locks a bit of body. These hair potions coupled with heat from hair styling appliances take my hair from blah to bodacious. Well, they make it look pretty good. Here are my favorite big hair products. They all work well to give my fine hair volume, but they all have their drawbacks. I’ve yet to find the holy grail of hair products. If I ever do, you’ll be the first to know.
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Hairstyle sketches from Lucky FABB

An illustration of a girl with bobby pinsLast week I attended Lucky FABB west, the Lucky magazine west coast conference for fashion and beauty bloggers. I couldn’t wait to see what the most fashionable women in the blogosphere were wearing. Color and pattern was the big trend at the event, with almost everyone wearing the most brilliant hues. Unfortunately it was a bit too much for my senses, and after a while all the hot pink flippy skirts, festive floral print flouncy blouses, canary yellow “it” bags and neon green open-toe mile-high heels started to blur together. What did stand out were the hair styles. There were super long sleek styles and shoulder-length flips. There were up-dos and magenta streaks. There were poofs and ringlets, big buns and dainty chignons. Because my camera ran out of battery I didn’t take any photos. Instead I drew, and because we were all sitting down most of the time my best drawings are of the bloggers profiles and heads. Here are the hairstyle sketches I drew of the audience at Lucky FABB. Continue Reading →

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Cut and Color

If you were to look at photos of me as a child you would see a little girl with long, honey-blond hair. I loved my blond locks even though they tangled and were a mess most of the time. I never had much patience with hair and as a teenager cut it all off into a chin-length bob and later a spiky pixie. Somewhere along the line the blond hair turned a soft brown, and by the time I was in my 20’s any blond hair I wanted came from a bottle. But I still had no patience with hair maintenance, so although like most young people I experimented with color a bit, it never took long before I was back to light brown. I kept my natural color all though my thirties but my attitude toward my brown hair changed when I turned forty. No grey has found its way onto my head yet, but my hair needs more attention regardless. Continue Reading →

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Why get dressed up?

On weekdays I get up early, drink copious amounts of coffee, and throw on shorts and a t-shirt. With my trusty flip-flop sandals on my feet I busy myself in the kitchen making breakfast and packing school lunches. Later I’ll drive my kids to school, return home, maybe go for a quick walk, and then start work. Sometime during the day I’ll find some time to take a shower and return to my shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops. I realized the other day as I stared into my densely packed closet that I probably wear 90% of my clothes 10% of the time. Dressy things like this pencil skirt and chunky platform sandals are only worn on the weekend. But sometimes I wonder why I bother at all? Wouldn’t it be easier to wear jeans and a t-shirt every day? Wouldn’t it be nice to stare into a simple, spare wardrobe of only a few sensible clothes? Shouldn’t I long for comfortable clothing that creates ease of movement?

Nope. If I had to wear my work-from-home uniform of shorts, t-shirt and flats all the time I would probably be very depressed. Saturday and Sunday are days to get dressed up. Even if I’m going to the grocery store I put on something nice, and probably something that isn’t all the comfortable. I match my purse to my outfit, pick out earrings, slip on a shoe with a bit of a heel, tidy my hair and apply makeup to my face. Continue Reading →

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