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Hello There!

instagram collage from instush

Hello friends. It’s been a while. No, I’m not really back. I never said goodbye all those months ago when I suddenly stopped blogging, but I never really intended to stop, or at least I didn’t intend to stop for so long. So I wanted to say “hi”.

Life has been busy. Very busy. There has been lots of work and many weekends spent in front of the computer. Its been simultaneous fun manic, and exhausting. Whatever energy I have left over goes towards enjoying time with my family and maybe a manicure, and so my fashion blog went by the wayside. I don’t know if I will start up again, but I will continue to maintain the website and the posts that I spent so many happy hours creating.

If you’d like to know what I’m up to I am still active on some of my favorite social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. I also blog on my Portfolio website. You can follow my thoughts on design and creativity via bloglovin.

Hope to see you around the web!


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A Few Profile Picture Ideas

A Few Profile Picture IdeasDo you remember glamour shots? It was all the rage in the early 1990’s to get all gussied up, go to the mall, and have a photographer take photos of you in lots of marabou, makeup and big hair. Back then taking a glamour shot was just a fun thing to do, but these days having a good portrait isn’t just vanity, it’s a necessity. If you’re on the web you need a profile picture for Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, to name just a few popular social media sites. Any online group you sign up for will require a screen name, password and a profile photo. I’m often surprised by how many people don’t have a good image to use along with their name. Believe me, people notice if you still have an “egg” icon on Twitter or “mystery man” on Linkedin. If you don’t have have a great looking profile picture now is the time to get one.

Here are my new portrait shots.  I hope they give you some profile picture ideas so you’re inspired to get out and take some photos too. Continue Reading →

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