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Almost Natural Nail Polish Remover vs Acetone

Acetone vs Natural Nail Polish RemoverIf you follow me on Instagram or if you have read my blog for a while you probably know that I am a manicure, pedicure, and nail polish enthusiast. Decorating one’s nails with unusual colors, glitter, designs, sequins and stones has been trendy for a while, and although it seems like the designers have lost interest in the more fun aspects of nail individualism the trend hasn’t abated. Certainly this woman isn’t ready to go back to unpolished nails anytime soon! There is a problem with my new love of colorful nails however, and the problem is keeping my nails simultaneously polished, strong, and healthy.

I’ve found some great nail products to help strengthen my claws, long-wearing polishes for natural nails, and a few great ways to keep my professional pedicures looking fresh, but recently I’ve discovered a new secret weapon in my nail polish arsenal: Almost Natural Nail Polish Remover. Continue Reading →

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Long Lasting Nail Polish for Natural Nails (from the drugstore!)

Long Lasting Nail Polish for Natural Nails from the drugstore - The Style ConfessionsI’ve written about my struggles with my weak, soft, nails, natural nails in the past. My manicures used to last between a few hours to a couple days before chipping, then I found a polish that didn’t chip immediately and realized that there must be other brands that make long lasting nail polish for natural nails. I have now found what has to be my “Holy Grail” of laquer for soft, weak, nails, and it is not by an expensive company. It’s by Wet N Wild.

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Glittery Nails from Sephora X: A Review

One of my favorite gifts is a gift card, and if that gift card gives me a good reason to stop into the wonderful makeup emporium that is Sephora well, that’s even better. For my birthday my Auntie gave me such a gift card, and the first moment I had to spare I ran to the store to see what wonderful goodies they had available.

Upon entering the store I became transfixed by the new line of nail polishes called Sephora X . The display was visually enticing, the colors scrumptuous, and the glitter polishes too beautiful to be true. The colors are arranged in groups that include a lot of gorgeous basics like The New ClassicsThe Sheers, and The New Neutrals. There are some fun brights in a group called The Electrics. Meanwhile, all kinds of shimmer is addressed in several groups including The Prismatics, The CosmicsThe Sparklers, The Industrialists, and The Pearlescents. But the most interesting group is probably The Toppers. Each polish in this group changes the base nail color rather dramatically. The store sales girl told me the polishes were top quality, and that they lasted for days without chipping. How could I say no? Continue Reading →

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Red Glitter Nail Polish

Years ago I fell in love with a red glitter nail polish by Christian Dior. I remember a beautiful bright red lacquer embedding with tiny glitter flakes. But I didn’t REALLY need a red glitter polish, did I? Certainly I could find something similar for less, right? Silly me. I was so wrong. Glitter polishes are ubiquitous now, but all those years ago they were few and far between. I wanted a bright red with tiny red glitter flakes and  spent literally years looking for the perfect one. A few seasons ago I splurged on a Deborah Lippmann red glitter polish but it was a bit darker than I wanted. This season, however, the market is literally flooded with bright red glitter polish. If you like your holiday polish red and sparkly now is the time to pick up a couple of bottles of this festive and fun stuff.  Continue Reading →

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Blogs in Style: The Manicure Edition

Our hands do so much. They type, write, and draw. They lift boxes, wash dishes, and dig in the garden. They apply makeup and style our hair. They hold, caress and comfort our loved ones. Hands are as expressive as they are hard-working. Shouldn’t they get some love? I think so. Continue Reading →

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