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Tips for a Long Lasting Manicure

Me and My Problematic Nails

I have weak, soft nails. They split and peel and as a general rule won’t grow much past the tips of my fingers, but what’s really irritating is that nail polish just won’t stay on them. It often chips a day after application. For years I just thought this was normal and that everyone had the same problem. Then I met women whose manicures lasted a week or more (not the popular gel manicure, by the way, just a regular nail-polish manicure). Why? They have thick, strong nails.

I seems logical that if some women have found nail polish that lasts longer than two days then I should be able to do the same, even with my soft, bendy, nails. So over the last year I have looked around, tried new products, read online reviews and asked for opinions on nail polish at nail salons and beauty boutique. After a great deal of this very non-scientific research here are my results, and my tips for a long-lasting manicure and beautiful nails.

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How to keep your pedicure looking fabulous for weeks

A pedicure and painted toe nails are essential for pretty feet. Here in Los Angeles I wear sandals pretty much year round, so keeping my feet in good condition is a necessity. Sadly, I can barely paint nails on my hands, and doing a pedicure by myself is pretty much mission impossible. I’ve tried and I’ve failed, so off to the salon I go. I love having my nails and toes done professionally, but I have neither the money nor the time for a weekly pedicure. I like to keep my feet looking as lovely as possible for as long as possible between monthly visits to the salon and I’ve learned that by using the right products my freshly painted and scrubbed feet can stay pretty for many weeks. Here are my favorite beauty products for the feet.

Disclosure: I purchased all of these products with my own money and was not compensated for the post by the brands I recommend, however there are affiliate links embedded in some of the links. If you click on them I will receive a small commission. Thank you for your support!

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