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Pink and Red – Can they be worn together?

Pink and red with a touch of black is a color combination I use frequently in my doll designs.  But can it work on a real person? Personally I think it does. I’ve never actually worn these colors together before, but I’ve found in writing this blog that I’m drawn to combinations of garments that I would never have tried in the past.

Pink and Red, A Striking Color Combination

If there’s a time of year to try bright colors it’s now, in the summer, when everything is in bloom and the colors around us are bright as well.

Bright colors like pink and red attract attention. Normally here in Los Angeles no one looks twice at my husband and I on a photo shoot, but this outfit was different.  Not long after taking the photo above I was the recipient of a loud hooting cat call – from a woman and her kids in a mini-van!  That was weird.

Pink and Red in Nature

Over the years people have told me they find the combination of pink and red in an outfit tacky and unnatural. My feeling is if it looks beautiful in a garden it should look good elsewhere as well.  With their hot pink tipped petals and multicolored blooms the roses in the photo above really are flamboyant. If it works for them it should work for us too!

One more thing about this outfit – a lot of it is thrifted!  I wasn’t just hesitant to try wild color  combinations before starting a fashion blog, I was also a bit nervous about purchasing second-hand clothing.  Now I know better. The jacket, skirt and purse were all purchased at a local “Out of the Closet”, a thrift store that donates it’s proceeds to AID’s research.

  • Scarf – Echo
  • Jacket – a brand called “22”, thrifted
  • Skirt – Top Shop, thrifted
  • T-shirt – Target
  • Shoes – Nine West
  • Purse – Thrifted

Do you like the pink and red color combination? Have you tried any flamboyant color combinations recently?

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