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Shoe Shopping Online

Online Shoe ShoppingMy biggest problem with shoe shopping is not finding my size, it’s finding shoes I like! I want my shoes, sandals and boots to be simultaneously chic, comfortable, and flattering on my 9.5 size feet. I can’t abide really high heels, but I still like to wear a bit of a heel just because it is so flattering to the leg. Oh, and sling-backs are out. They push my toes forward and drive me crazy. To make all this even more complicated I need to find shoes that fit my budget. I can’t tell you how many fabulous shoes I’ve seen in the designer section of Barney’s, but $2,000 for a pair of shoes is beyond my means. All of this sends me shoe shopping online because I often cannot find what I want  at my local retail stores. Going online means I can find a much larger selection of styles and prices to fit my taste and my wallet. Take for instance the selection above. It only took me a few minutes of online shoe shopping to find four pairs of sandals I would LOVE to find in my closet this summer.  Continue Reading →
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Swag and Champagne at the Lucky & Aloxxi Pre-FABB Party

 Swag at the Lucky FABB pre party

Ah swag, those delightful little bags of free stuff so loved by bloggers were given away at the Lucky & Aloxxi party the night before Lucky FABB. The party was held at Stylehaüs at The Grove and of course it wasn’t all about swag. There was bubbly too! Hairstylists were on hand to give the attendees fun up-dos and sleek blow-outs. That was all really nice, but what I really enjoyed was the people watching.  Although I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of stylish women at the conference the next day, the night before was much more intimate. My camera hadn’t run out of battery either so I have some great photos to share. Continue Reading →

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Dreaming of kitten heel boots

With the weather in the 80’s every day for months the thought of wearing boots has been relegated to a day dream: a chic, foggy, day dream where the leaves change colors and I wear a warm coat, scarf, tweed skirt and a chic pair of kitten heel boots like the one above. The palm trees will never turn gold and red here in Los Angeles, but with any luck the weather will change and I’ll be wearing boots again.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by and paid for by the House of Fraser, but the ideas, dreams and desires expressed in the article are my own. Continue Reading →

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San Francisco Street Style – Fashion Accessories

A couple days ago I wrote about street style in San Francisco, but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t fixate on fashion accessories. This post is all about the interesting, practical, and unusual ways the people who live in the City by the Bay accessorize their clothes.

Cozy Hats

Hats are worn by pretty much everyone in San Francisco.  It’s can be rather cold, so a hand knitted something is always appropriate, no matter how unusual.

Practical Shoes

San Francisco is a hilly, beautiful city and everyone walks everywhere. As a result footwear is almost always of the practical sort. I noticed leather flip-flops were a favorite.

Fashion Accessories – Purses, backpacks and other totes

I love purses, and the ones slung over the shoulders of the people I saw on the street in San Francisco were both practical and unique. The woman in the photo below carried both a leather shoulder bag and a big floral tote, because you can never have enough space when you’re on the go!

A large purple backpack is a good choice when traveling by skateboard.

Los Angeles isn’t the only place where women choose to express their style with a status tote.

The super-long shoulder bag worn with super long hair.

But my favorite bag seen on the street was this one-shoulder see-though yellow pack worn over an all-black outfit.  Loved it!

For more fashion in The City, check out my review of the fashion exhibit I saw while I was there: “Balenciaga and Spain”.

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