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Sketches of Some Cute Outfits for Summer

cute outfits for summer - Fashion sketch

Back in June a number of my readers asked me to suggest some cute outfits for summer. I had all sorts of ideas, but then time got away from me. My children finished the school year and started their vacation. Freelance projects came my way and I juggled work with family outings and road trips. Summer is a busy time, so busy that I took some time off from the blog to refocus my energies. So here we are in August and I am finally answering my reader’s style questions with a few sketches of my favorite summer outfits. Continue Reading →

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Cut-off Denim Shorts – I Love You!

There are some trends that jump right out at me and yell “Buy me! Wear me! NOW!” but a more sensible part of me stops and says “Whoa girl, think about this one for a while.” Cut off denim shorts are that kind of trend. You see I wore short-shorts back in the early 1990’s. The fashion police say if you have been around for the trend the first time, it’s not for you the second time. (Though I cannot find who first quoted it, making me think these fashion police might just be an urban legend.) Continue Reading →

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Summer of Shorts

Last week I attended a bloggers networking picnic here in Los Angeles.  (If for some reason you missed the post and would like to see it, you can do so by clicking here.) After the picnic my husband took some photos of my outfit, which I had carefully prepared to look chic but casual and professional all at the same time. Mostly, however, I just wanted to wear my new shorts!

Shorts!  Yes, shorts!  I’d given up on them a few years past but when I was in my early 20’s, even my late 20’s, short-shorts were a wardrobe staple.  I remember when they first hit the scene in the early 90’s. I was in college studying fashion design, and everyone, I mean EVERYONE, was obsessed with short-shorts. One of the seniors designed a suit with micro shorts in dark red. I thought it was so sexy. Back then you couldn’t just run to Forever 21 or H&M and pick out a few for $30. There was no internet shopping. Short shorts were hard to find when they first hit the scene and I spent ages trying to find a pair.  Eventually I did, but I never did get that suit.

Years go by.  Styles change.  Short-shorts go out of fashion and now here they are again.  Isn’t it funny how influenced we are by what we see around us?  As soon as I saw girls wearing cut-offs last Summer I wanted a pair, but I just didn’t have the courage at the time. I still love shorts and find them incredibly sexy but I hesitate to go too short.  So here are my shorts, not really Daisy Duke short, but kinda short.

Shorts – The Gap

Shirt – The Gap

Sandals – Franco Jarte

Purse – American Rag

Earrings – Kenneth Jay Lane

What do you think of the short-short trend?  Do you wear short-shorts?  Do you have a favorite pair and if so what do they look like?

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