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Real Life Versus The Fashion Blog

My husband and I had an argument over these shots. I think it might have been the first time we majorly disagreed on a set of photos.

As a designer I know that to really love a project I need to have control over what I’m doing. My favorite clients are the one’s that allow me a certain amount of creative freedom. If I’m designing something for myself or a loved one you can bet I want creative control. I don’t even like it when my family makes suggestions on what to cook for dinner! Knowing this I try very hard to let my husband do what he wants with the photos for this blog. Often I’ll pick out my favorite shots and maybe I’ll make some suggestions on retouching (yes, I’m vain.) but other than that I try to let Hugo have complete creative freedom. He picks the angles, camera equipment, and setting. I pick out my clothing for the photo shoot. Later, after we’ve chosen our favorites and he’s done whatever post-processing he desires, I put them up on the blog and write about them. Continue Reading →

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