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Harajuku, Little Tokyo, and Me

Harajuku in Los AngelesI don’t pretend to understand Harajuku, the eclectic fashion that originated in Japan and spread across the world. Well, its spread to Los Angeles anyway. I say I don’t understand it not because I don’t understand it’s appeal, I love it, but because I don’t think I could put together the dizzy display of dozens of details all in one outfit, including wig, printed dress with contrasting petticoats, wild shoes and various adorable knickknacks worn as fashion accessories. I’d feel silly, but the girls in the “Lolita” ensembles in the Little Tokyo shopping mall in downtown Los Angeles looked charming.  Continue Reading →

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The Chic, Functional, Bandolier I-Phone Case

The chic and functional Bandolier I-Phone caseAs a general rule the words chic and functional don’t usually go together, but the two words describe the Bandolier I-Phone case perfectly. I first laid eyes on this innovative carrying case at this fashion show, where I had the pleasure to sit next to the lovely Audrey Wu. Everyone at the event had their phones at the ready to photograph the models as they walked by on the catwalk, but while the rest of us rifled through our bags to get our various electronic devices Audrey only had to pick hers up from where it lay around at her hip. “Brilliant!” I thought. “Where do I get one?” I asked. As it turns out Audrey does PR for the company that makes the cases, and was happy to give me a Bandolier to use and review on my blog. (Ah, the perks of blogging!) I’ve been wearing my phone ever since.  Continue Reading →

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Los Angeles Street Style Video

Street Style Video PostDowntown Los Angeles acts as a backdrop for one of my favorite thrifted dresses in this street style outfit video. Continue Reading →

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