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Sketches of Some Cute Outfits for Summer

cute outfits for summer - Fashion sketch

Back in June a number of my readers asked me to suggest some cute outfits for summer. I had all sorts of ideas, but then time got away from me. My children finished the school year and started their vacation. Freelance projects came my way and I juggled work with family outings and road trips. Summer is a busy time, so busy that I took some time off from the blog to refocus my energies. So here we are in August and I am finally answering my reader’s style questions with a few sketches of my favorite summer outfits. Continue Reading →

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Top Hair Accessories for Summer 2013

Eloise - mint green wild rose clip

Eloise – mint green wild rose clip by Faylyn

Please welcome back Amanda, who has written this guest post about some pretty hair accessories to wear this summer.

It’s safe to call hair accessories the cherry on top of the cake when it comes to your outfit. As with any other accessory item, hair accessories come in various designs, colors, themes and trends. For summer 2013, there are a lot of unique pieces available that’ll go with different hairstyles. From color barrettes to floral headbands, a good choice can make you stand out even if you go out with a sloppy pony thrown up at the last minute. Here are some pretty hair accessories to wear this summer.

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What style of jacket should I buy this season?

Fashion Illustration of a floral Jacket - The Style Confessions

A couple of weeks ago Colleen asked me this question for the Style Sketches™ series:

I want to buy a jacket (blazer). What’s the one style that is most useful/versatile? A boyfriend jacket? Something more fitted? Something shorter or longer? What color would get the most use? I guess I’m looking for that one piece that every closet should have. Continue Reading →

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Summer Style Classic: White and Black

Wearing crisp, lightweight white garments in the heat of the summer just feels right. It looks great too, which is why white is a summer fashion classic. Recently I’ve been pairing white with touches of black, but I didn’t come up with the idea on my own. I have my fellow personal style bloggers to thank for the inspiration. Continue Reading →

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