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Ten Reasons to Love Fashion

Source – Vogue Magazine April 2012

The only closet essential now is a healthy sense of self. It’s a great time for women who love fashion. – Vogue Magazine, January 2012

It’s easy to love to hate fashion.  It’s completely superficial and filled with people so unpleasant that movies are made around how awful they are. There are certainly negative aspects to the fashion industry. Issues like young girls becoming anorexic due to the unrealistic aesthetics of the media and the ecological fall out from apparel and textile manufacturing are certainly a problem.  Still, I love fashion.  I love it so much I have spent most of my life designing, sketching, reading, watching, shopping for and obsessing over clothing and trends. Instead of dwelling on the unpleasant aspects of the fashion world I thought it would be fun to find some positive things about this aspect of life that I love so much. Here are ten things I love about fashion, clothing and style. Continue Reading →

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