Recently I’ve become enamored of videos posts, sometimes called vlogs. After two years of sharing my outfits via still photography my husband and I are ready for a new challenge, and a new way to show off my very limited wardrobe. We’ve found it in these moving photographs called videos. Although I never intended for this blog to become a vlog, I am really enjoying this new medium.

To shoot the videos my husband and I go out in the late afternoon when the sun is soft and flattering and even the streets look beautiful. He then edits the footage, sets the moving images to open-sourced music, and uploads the finished product onto The Style Confessions Video Channel. Then I  write a little post about the outfit and the video and publish it. Here are all the videos that appear on the blog, from the most recent to the very first.

The Videos

The Bandolier I-Phone Case

The Leopard Pencil Skirt – A Fashion Video

A Maxi Dress for Fall

Afternoon at the Museum

A Pink Blouse

A Vintage Sundress

A Pink Dress Video

A Silk Dress for Fall

Los Angeles Street Style Video

A Summer Outfit Video

I hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoy making them!